Inquiry journal

Max Mehlman
Max Mehlman, seen here in a
blind in the Australian bush in
2009, writes about his search
for Satin Bowerbirds to
capture and band as part of
research on their complex
courtship behaviors.
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Inquiry journal is the online, multi-disciplinary undergraduate research journal of the University of New Hampshire. It is published annually in April at The journal accepts submissions for research articles and commentaries about undergraduate research from current and recently graduated students of UNH only. Inquiry was made possible by a generous endowment from Mr. Dana Hamel.

Inquiry was created to support the academic mission of UNH as a research and public service university. It offers undergraduate researchers in all the disciplines at the University the opportunity to communicate their experiences and results to general as well as academic audiences worldwide—the final and very important step in the research process.

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