Honors Thesis Grants

COVID-19 UPDATE:  The Hamel Center will continue to accept Honors Thesis Grant applications where possible, dependent on the University’s mode of operation at any given time, and also on the University’s phased approach to research activities as determined by the Senior Vice Provost for Research.  1) When preparing applications, students should consult the UNH and Hamel Center websites frequently for any updates or changes. 2) Even if an application is successful, students should be prepared to modify their projects as needed to adhere to changing University research policies and procedures during the proposed research period. Any project’s ability to go forward will be dependent on the University’s mode of operation and the SVPR’s guidelines for research at any time during the research period.

In collaboration with the University Honors Program, the Hamel Center offers grants of up to $150 to support honors thesis expenses. These grants can assist students who incur expenses from opportunities not anticipated when they began their thesis work.

For example, one student may discover the need to undertake more extensive lab experiments requiring the purchase of lab supplies. Another student may conclude that sending a survey to a wider audience will yield more reliable results, thus increasing copying and postage costs. Other students may discover that travel to off-campus sites to use special archives, view an exhibit or performance, interview individuals, or use equipment not available at UNH will benefit their project. Grants may not be used for copying the thesis or for printing research posters.

Eligible students are members of the Honors Program and must be working on their honors thesis at the time of application.

Honors students who find that their thesis research expenses will exceed $150 may apply instead for an Undergraduate Research Award (expense award only), up to $600. 

Application Deadline

Rolling deadline. Applications must be submitted before work on the honors thesis has been completed, and before the end of the academic semester in which the student will graduate. 

Expenses will not be awarded retroactively for thesis research activities already completed at the time of application/before award notification.

Students will be notified of a decision within two weeks of application submission.


Read the Application Guidelines and Budget Instructions before completing the application forms.

Application Guidelines and Budget Instructions (complete instructions for the Honors Thesis Grant application)

Application Cover Sheet (print and complete manually)

Budget Form (fillable online)

Honors Thesis Advisor Letter of Recommendation (student must complete and sign top portion of recommendation form; thesis advisor must complete bottom portion of form and attach letter; letter must be submitted with the Honors Thesis Grant application in a sealed envelope)