College of Health and Human Services Student Profiles


Name Project Major
Victoria Bandera Functional Demand and Maximal Strength in Older Adults Who Have Completed Cancer Treatment Exercise Science
Neil Baroody The Effect of a Barefoot Running Training Program on Running Economy and Performance Exercise Science
Amanda Bellerose Mentoring Program for Youth Survivors of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Speech Language Pathology
Samantha Brand Through My Eyes: The Effect on Family Life of Having Siblings with Autism Spectrum Disorder as Experienced by a Typically Developing Adolescent Occupational Therapy
Christine Curtin Examining the Effectiveness of the iPad as an Educational Tool for Children with Developmental Disabilities Occupational Therapy
Margarethe Hauschildt The Effects of Foam Rolling on Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness and Muscular Performance Kinesiology/Exercise Science

Danielle Laroche

Local Environmental Health Concerns: Improving the Relationship Between Community-Based Participatory Organizations and Governmental Public Health Agencies

Health Management and Policy

Amy Ma


A Comparative Analysis of Occupational Therapy following Hand Injuries

Occupational Therapy

Michelle Zitta

Age-related Changes in Running Economy

Exercise Science


Name Project Major

Ashley Barbour

The Work Experience of Ashanti Midwives


Emily Lagana

Nursing Care in a Pediatric Hospice in England


Lisa Landry

Perinatal Care in China


Emily Roberts

Nurses Performing Triage in Uganda: Decision-Making in Low Resource Settings


Julianne Shimer

The Healthy Schools Programme: What Can Be Learned about the Health and Well Being Needs of Disadvantaged Children through Visual Content Analysis