TSAS Mathematics  

MTH 201 - Elementary - Intermediate Algebra
Credits: 3.00
Course begins with a very thorough overview of basic math concepts including whole number operations, fractions, and integers. The course also covers algebraic/geometric topics including powers, roots, linear functions, proportions, similar figures, graphing and measurements. Course may be taken for credit as an elective, but does not fulfill any degree requirement.

MTH 202 - College Algebra
Credits: 3.00
Review of elementary algebra, coordinate system, inequalities, roots, polynomials, factoring, radicals, and functions. A significant amount of class time is spent on problem solving in all concept areas. The course provides a solid foundation of algebraic topics including, logarithmic functions, exponential function, matrices, inverse functions and non-linear systems. Placement is based on satisfactory score on math assessment.

MTH 203 - Algebra and Trigonometry
Credits: 3.00
Basic algebra topics, radicals, exponents, introduction to functions and graphs, simple applications of algebra. Trigonometric functions of angles; applications of right triangles, identities, and equations. 3 lec.