On Campus Interviewing

We offer the opportunity for you to interview applicants one-on-one, right on-campus using interview rooms in our building. You can request an interview room(s) by simply logging in to your Wildcat Careers account.

How to Request an On Campus Interview Schedule

  1. Login to your Wildcat Careers account
  2. Click on On Campus Interviews tab at the top of the page
  3. Click on the Request a Schedule button
  4. Fill out the New Interview Schedule Request form and include all the details regarding your visit, including your postion you would be recruiting for. Click Submit when you are done. Your schedule request has been sent to The Career Center for approval. Upon approval of your interview schedule, you will receive a confirmation email.

Different OCI Models to Select Interview Candidates

  • Pre-Select* allows you the ability to hand-pick students to interview who meet your screening requirements
  • Pre-Select to Alternate* starts with pre-select and then, after a certain date, opens your schedule to your alternates
  • Open allows all qualified students to sign up for available interview slots on a first-come, first-serve basis

*​Please note that schedules must be requested at least 3 weeks in advance to your interview date.

How to Manage Your Interview Schedule

  1. Login to your Wildcat Careers account and click on On Campus Interviews tab
  2. The Schedules tab provides an overview of your interview schedule
  3. The Positions tab lists the On Campus Interviews positions you are recruiting for
  4. The Interviews tab lists the names of the students you have selected to interview during your visit
  5. The Applicants tab lists the names of all the students who have submitted their application
  6. The Wait-list tab lists the names of the students whom you've assigned as alternates

For help scheduling an on-campus interview day at Hood House, please contact our Employer Relations Team: employer.relations@unh.edu