2019 Application Cycle - New Applicant

New Applicant:
You are considered a New Applicant if you
a) have never opened a file with the UNH Pre-Professional Health Programs Advising Office, or
b) opened a file in a previous cycle but did not interview with the UNH Committee

You are considered a Reapplicant if you
a) interviewed with the UNH Committee and submitted applications but were not admitted to medical or dental school, or
b) delayed your application after you had already interviewed with the UNH Committee.
Reapplicants, see here for forms and deadlines

New Applicant Forms and Deadlines


Application Items Due Date Notes
New Applicant Form


November 17, 2017

Form will be available after the Applicant Meeting  on September 28th.

If you missed the meeting or are unable to attend,
please request access using the web form.

Health Professions Resume
     -HP Resume Tips
November 17, 2017

Upload pdf to Interfolio

  •  Label "HP Resume"
Standard Resume
    -Resume Resources

November 17, 2017

Upload pdf to Interfolio

  • Label "Resume"
Official Transcripts (from College/University other than UNH)

November 17, 2017

Send directly to Health Professions Office
or obtain a copy for yourself and upload to Interfolio and label "Non-UNH Transcript"

Letters of Recommendation
    -Letter Instructions for Applicants
    -Letter Guidelines for Letter Writers

February 9, 2018

Request letters by December

Letters must be submitted through Interfolio

Personal Statement
   -Personal Statement Tips
   -UNH Writing Center

February 9, 2018

Upload pdf to Interfolio

  •  Label "Personal Statement"

UNH Transcripts
     -Request transcripts

February 9, 2018

Send directly to Health Professions Office
or obtain a copy for yourself and upload to Interfolio and label "UNH Transcript"


New Applicant Timeline


  • Attend Applicant Meeting
  • Review the documents and information found on this page and accompanying links
  • Familiarize yourself  with the MCAT or DAT exam and set plans for studying and preparation
  • Create Interfolio account to use for obtainining letters of recommendation and uploading application materials.
    • Note: You must be affialted with this office through Interfolio.



  • New Applicant Form
  • Health Professions Resume
  • Standard resume - include everything you have done; can be longer than standard one or two pages. 

Order transcripts:

  • Order official transcripts from colleges attended other than UNH

Letters of Evaluation:

  • Review the Letter of Evaluation Tips for Applicants
  • Identify and meet with writers of letters of evaluation
  • Print and send out the Letter Requests and Guidelines for Writers
  • Note: Keep in touch with letter writers to ensure the timely transmission of letters. Letters must be sent by recommender using Interfolio.


  • Begin to prepare for the entrance exam (MCAT or DAT) if you have not already
  • Research and apply for the MCAT Fee Assistance Program or DAT Fee Waiver
  • May is the latest you may take the MCAT or DAT and be eligible for the Committee Letter; an earlier date in the January - April timeframe is strongly advised
Investigate financing:



  • To open your file with the HP Office and request Committee Letter of Evaluation:
         -November 17, 2017

Due by deadline:

  • New Applicant Form
  • Health Professions Resume
  • Standard resume
  • Official transcripts from any school attended other than UNH


  • Deadline to request letters of recommendation and provide writers with the Letter Guidelines
  • Work on Personal Statement


  • Order a copy of your UNH transcript, up to and including J-Term grades, issued by the Registrar’s Office
    • Due to the HP Office by February 9, 2018; order early to avoid a missed deadline



  • File completion deadline:
    • February 9, 2018

Due by deadline:

  • All letters of recommendation to be included in your Committee Letter Packet
  • Personal Statement
  • UNH transcript issued by UNH Registrar’s Office

March – May


  • Interviews will take place starting in March and ending late April
  • To complete the Committee process, applicants interview with:
    • An individual faculty or provider Committee member, and
    • The Committee Chair and the HP advisor


  • An MCAT or DAT exam date in March or April is recommended.
  • This gives you enough time to:
    • Decide whether to delay
    • Study for a summer retake if necessary
    • Decide which schools to apply to
  • Please note that a May exam date is the latest date accepted if you plan to receive the UNH Committee Letter.


  • Submit your primary applications as close to the cycle opening as possible (early June for AMCAS, AADSAS, and AACOMAS), provided you have your MCAT or DAT score.

Delaying your application: It is common for applicants, at different points in the process, to decide to delay an application. The best time to apply is when you are ready and can present the strongest profile. Time off from school, opportunity to work/gain more experience, travel, save money, the need to improve grades/exam scores, are just a few reasons to delay. If you decide to delay please let the office know ASAP.

 Note: Applicant files are considered active for the initial two-year cycle. If applicants do not apply to medical/dental school during this cycle, the file will become inactive and be saved for five years. If applicants apply after the initial cycle or are reapplying to schools and want to reactivate their file, they must contact the Pre-Professional Health Programs Office and update, within the deadlines, the contents of the file.