Prelaw Advising Committee

UNH & UNH-M students and alumni interested in applying to law school may work with the UNH Prelaw Committee in preparation for applying to law school.  The Prelaw Advisor available to assist students and alumni in any number of areas related to law school admissions: major and course selection, preparation for the LSAT, selecting prospective law schools, and the online application process.

Schedule an Appointment with the UNH Prelaw Advisor

We are now using a new online scheduling system for current UNH students.  To schedule an appointment wtih the UNH Prelaw Advisor:

  1. Go to website myWildcat Successand login with your UNH username and password
  2. From that student home page, select “Get Advising”
  3. At Advising Category drop down menu, select “University Advising Center” from
  4. At Appointment Type drop down menu, select “Next” than select “Prelaw Advising”
  5. At Advisor’s Location drop down menu, select “University Advising Center”
  6. For Staff Selection, select or write in “Caitlin Bannon,” then click “Next”
  7. Choose the next available appointment time block, then the appointment time that best works for you. Click “Next”
  8. Select “Confirm Appointment”

All students and alumni are invited to register with the Prelaw Committee to receive direct emails about our special events, guest speakers, and important deadlines. 

To sign up:  Visit

Prelaw students may meet with any of the members of the Prelaw Committee.


View members of the Prelaw Committee