Prelaw Advising

Moot Courtroom

If your goal is to attend law school after UNH,  the Prelaw Advising office is here to help.  

A Prelaw Advisor is available to consult with UNH students, alumni, faculty, and staff about applying to, paying for, and thriving in law school and beyond.  We sponsor informational sessions, individual advising appointments, panel discussions with law school students, and law school graduates practicing law or using their JD in their chosen career.  

Visit the links in the left column to learn more about UNH Prelaw Advising, and the law school application process. 

Schedule an Appointment with the UNH Prelaw Advisor

We are now using a new online scheduling system for current UNH students.  To schedule an appointment wtih the UNH Prelaw Advisor:

  1. Go to website myWildcat Successand login with your UNH username and password
  2. From that student home page, select “Get Advising”
  3. At Advising Category drop down menu, select “University Advising Center” from
  4. At Appointment Type drop down menu, select “Next” than select “Prelaw Advising”
  5. At Advisor’s Location drop down menu, select “University Advising Center”
  6. For Staff Selection, select or write in “Paula DiNardo,” then click “Next”
  7. Choose the next available appointment time block, then the appointment time that best works for you. Click “Next”
  8. Select “Confirm Appointment”


    Upcoming Events

    Update:  We are officially back in Hood House, with the University Advising Center (UAC), 89 Main Street, between the MUB and Ham Smith Hall.  Come visit!  Thank you to the friendly faculty & staff in Kendall Hall that made our stay enjoyable.