Open Up Appointment Availability


Before you open availability for the first time, you will want to create your advising location


1. Select Appointments (left side of page)



2. Click on the Staff Availability tab



3. Click on Add New Availability



4. Create an Availability Label

  • We recommend putting "Your Name - Date"
    • Ex. John Doe - 5/25/15
  • This label will not show to the student, this will only be seen on the manager side
  • If you want to copy an availability schedule that you have used previously, you can search for it under "Schedule to Copy"

5. Select the correct location from the drop-down menu and input the dates that you are opening up availability for

  • We recommend that you open up one week of availability at a time and then use the "Schedule to Copy" feature
  • However, if you open up your availability for more than one week but need to block off a specific date/time to not have appointments, you can following the instructions for blocking time on calendar



6. Select the Type(s) of meeting that students can schedule this time for.

  • You can select the types of appointments that you are available for. If you have multiple types, you may select them.
  • The types used in this example are only examples. They are not indicative of the types in the system. If you do not see the correct type or do not know which type to select, contact your department contact.



7. If you want all of your meetings to have identical start times

  • If you want all your appointments to start at the same times (i.e. On the hour, on the half hour, etc.), you can use the Meeting Start Options. If you want the time slots to be on every hour and half hour, for instance, you would choose the following:


  • Select the time period that you want the meetings to run. For example, if you want the first meeting to begin at 8:00 and the last to begin at 3:00, you would select that time period. Click and drag to highlight the time period.


8. If you want to specify your meeting start times or have them vary

  • Select the appointment slots that you want.
  • Hold "Ctrl" to choose the appointment times.
  • The following example would mean that on Monday you have appointments starting at 8:30am, 10:00am and 11:00am.

9. If you want to restrict the students who can sign up for this appointment (by major, class standing, etc.), you can choose this under "Screening Criteria"

10. Click Submit to post your availability to students to view and schedule


Upload a Picture

We recommend that advisors upload a picture to their manager account.

When a student schedules an appointment, your picture will show up next to the scheduled appointment.

Otherwise, the photo will be a blank grey outline of a person.


To upload a picture:

  • Select  My Account - located in the left navigation menu
  • Select My Profile
  • Upload photo