Lobby Options

1. After clicking Save once you have created a new kiosk, additional tabs will population at the top of the page that allow you to customize the settings you chose. One of these tabs is Lobby Options


2. Click "Yes" to Turn on Appointment Scheduling



3. If you do not want to allow walk-ins, select "No" in the section that says Allow Walk-Ins. If you do want to allow walk-ins, select "Yes". By choosing "Yes", additional options will populate at the bottom of the page under the heading Walk-In Settings

  • Under Walk-In Settings, you can select the alert method and maximum number of walk-in appointments. You can also choose whether or not to display an estimated wait time or number in line.


4. If you want to allow students to check in for multiple options at the same time (i.e. sign in for both a meeting and an event), select "Yes" for Allow Multiple Lobby Sections. Otherwise, select no.


5. If this is only for appointment check-in, select "No" for integrate with workshop kiosk. If you want to check students in for appointments and an event using the same kiosk, select "Yes"


6. Click Save to update the preferences