Email Group of Students

How to email a group of students

1. Complete a Detailed Search to bring up the list of students that you want to send the email

  • Ex. Search all the students assigned to you in the system

2. Click "+" to select all the students displayed from your detailed search


3. Click on Batch Options, then choose Mail

  • If you want to use a previously used/created template, select the appropriate template from the list
  • If you want to write a new email from scratch, select New Message



4. Enter the Subject of the email message and confirm the address that you want the email message to be sent from (this will automatically populate as your email address)

  • Do not enter any mail address in the "Cc" or "Bcc" fields as doing so will send a copy  of every single message to each person.
    • For instance, if you sent the email to 100 individuals, each person listed under "Cc" or "Bcc" will receive 100 emails!


  • If you need somebody to see that you have sent the email but only receive one copy, put their name under Send Copy To


5. If you want to format the email, rather than leave it plain text, Select "Yes" next to HTML Format and type your message in the "HTML Body". Then, copy and paste the message into the "Message Body" section.


6. If you want to add specific features, such as the students name or major in the email, you can include this by selecting the item under Available Fields and dragging it into the email.

  • When the student reads the email, it will display their first name were the field is written in blue, similar to a mail merge


7. If you want to add an attachment, click Browse and select the document that you want to be added. If you need to attach more than one document, click Add Item after uploading the first document.



8. Click Continue to view a preview of your message and a list of recipients that the email will be sent to

  • To send the email immediately, click Send Messages
  • If you want to send the message at a future date, you can set the desired message send time before clicking Send Messages