Blocking Time on Calendar

If you are not using the Outlook Sync feature or your computer is not compatible with the syncing program, you can still block off specific time slots on your calendar. Blocking off specific times on the Wildcat Advising calendar allows you to remove appointment availability for that one day and time.


1. To block off a specific time, click the Appointments option from the left side of the screen.

2. Select the Staff Availability tab


3. Select Events/Conflicts

screen shot

4. Select +Add New



5. Enter a Title for the event/conflict and select the Date



6. Select the Start Time and End Time of the event/conflict




7.  Select your name from the Staff drop-down menu. You do not need to select anything else.


8. Click Submit.



9. The event/conflict is now added to your calendar. If you had appointment availability open during this time, it will no longer be viewable to students.