Adding a New Kiosk (Lobby)

The Lobby kiosk would be for checking students in to appointments


1. From the Kiosk menu, make sure that you are on the Kiosks List tab



2. Click on Add New



3. If you want to copy the same settings that have previously been used to set up another kiosk, you can choose the correct settings under Copy Existing. This will population the new kiosk with whatever setting are currently used for the chosen kiosk.



4. Enter a Name and Location for the kiosk



5. If the kiosk set up will be used to allow a student to sign in for their scheduled appointment, select "Lobby" from the Kiosk Mode drop-down menu



6. You will then have the opportunity to select both the event location and type



7. To link the lobby to a location, select the location from the menu. These locations are created in the Appointment tab


8. Once you save, you will see a tab at the top called Lobby Options. This tab allows you to allow walk-in appointments.

9. If you want to prompt the student to complete a survey at the time they swipe in, or have a survey emailed to them upon swiping in, select "Yes" for the Use Survey option. From there, you can choose when the student will complete the survey and then select a previously created survey from the drop-down menu.

  • We do not recommend surveying students upon swipe. Each student will have to answer the survey before being able to check in, and thus slowing down the check-in for each student.



10. If you want a header or footer to display on the kiosk homepage, you can upload the url in the spaces provided

  • We do not recommend this. You will be able to customize the on-screen messages and add photos to another part of the kiosk


11. A password will automatically be generated for the kiosk log in. You can change this password if you want.

  • We recommend changing it to something easy to remember



12. To change the refresh frequency or scroll speed, enter the seconds in the areas provided.

  • We recommend leaving these settings as is



13. Finally, if you want the student signing in to be required to click a confirmation button before they are officially signed in, select "Yes" for Use Entry Message

  • We do not recommend this. Again, it will slow down the check-in process for each individual student.



14. Click Save the then be able to edit the kiosk on screen messages and lobby options