Add a Counseling Note

*Students will not be able to see these notes, however any manager who works with that student/all students will have access to these notes*

Types of Notes:

  1. Notes regarding a scheduled appointment or walk-in appointment
  2. Notes/Emails outside of an appointment


To add a counseling note to a student file

1. Open up the student's file by clicking on their name from the Student tab



2. Click on the Appointments tab



To add a note to a scheduled appointment

1. To add a new counseling note for a scheduled appointment, click Edit next to the meeting you want to make notes for



2. Type your notes under the Notes section.

3. Click Submit when you are ready to add them to the file.


To add a note for an unscheduled/walk-in appointment

1. Click on Add New

2. Fill out the student, date, and advisor information.

3. Type your notes under the Notes section.

4. Click Submit when you are ready to add the notes to the file.


To add an Email or General Note

1. If you want to add a general note to a student file, or you want to copy a chain of email correspondence, you should use the Notes/Emails tab. To access this area, click on the Core tab for the student.



2. Click on Notes/Emails



3. Click +Add New to create a new note



4. Select the Category for the note and enter a Subject

  • Use a number and then a subject
    • 01 - Registration Worksheet
    • 02 - Questions about dropping a course
  • This helps to keep the notes in chronological order
  • Look at the last number used and put the next number



5. Add the general note or copy and paste the email chain into the Notes section



5. Click Submit to add the note to the student's file



6. You can view the note or email at any time by clicking Review, or update it by clicking Edit