Discovery Program

Catalog of Entrance

  • All students must satisfy the set of Discovery Requirements established for their original year of admission to UNH.  Consider this when advising new freshmen, new transfers, and readmitted students. 

Discovery Program Requirements

  • Discovery Program requirements apply only to freshmen admitted to baccalaureate degree programs for Fall 2010 and transfers admitted for Fall 2011 and beyond. 
  • BA candidates must also satisfy a foreign language requirement. No credit is awarded for elementary year college coursework if students have had two or more years of that language in high school. In addition to the particular requirements for specific degrees, all candidates for a bachelor’s degree must obtain a passing grade in a minimum of 128 credits in courses numbered 400-799, and must maintain a cumulative grade-point average of at least 2.00 for all courses taken at the University in which a grade is given.
  • Discovery Program courses cannot be taken on a Pass/Fail basis.  Academic departments may or may not permit Discovery Program courses to count toward requirements for a major; check with your advisor.

Writing Intensive Requirement

World Cultures Exceptions

  • Students who participate in a study abroad program sponsored or currently approved by UNH with the duration of eight weeks or longer, automatically satisfy the World Cultures Discovery Requirement.
  • The World Cultures Discovery Requirement is waived for international students (including those from Canada) and some permanent resident aliens or students who have lived abroad (excluding military bases and American communities) for a significant amount of time.