Peace Corps Prep Application

Click here to download the Peace Corps Prep application. Deliver the completed application to Megan Brabec at Hood House Room 6.

The Peace Corps Prep application is comprised of 4 parts.

1. Sector-specific skills

I. Select the sector in which you would like to serve (Agriculture, Environment, Education, Youth in Development, Community Economic Development, or Health)

II. Within that sector, select 3 courses that you have taken or are planning to take, as well an opportunity where you will work or volunteer 50 hours in the relevant field.

2. Foreign language skills

I. Choose which country/region in which you would like to serve

A. If you've chosen a Spanish-speaking country, plan to take SPAN 503 and SPAN 504

B. If you've chosen a French-speaking country, plan to take any 500-level Romance language

C. If you've chosen any other region, a language is not required but is highly recommended.

3. Intercultural Competence

A. Choose three courses that will develop your intercultural skills OR

B. Plan your study abroad

4. Professional and leadership skills

I. Get your resume reviewed by Career and Professional Success

II. Do an interview workshop with Career and Professional Success

III. Plan out a significant leadership experience you will pursue, such as holding an officer position in a student organization