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UNH Mobile's "Transit" AppThe Transportation Mobile App icon, white bus on a blue background.

Download the "Transit" app with the free UNH Mobile suite to your iOS or Android platform phone. 
This brings the full power of NextBus to your phone.  Get stop prediction, live tracking, service bulletins, and a link to full timetable information of all Wildcat Transit and Campus Connector buses.

Visit unh.edu/mobile for complete information and download.

Cellphone/Smartphone AccessAn iPhone showing several standard application icons on the screen.

If your phone has Internet access you can access NextBus info simply by going to www.nextbus.com. The system will automatically determine that you are using a phone and will direct to you to an appropriate site specifically designed for cell phones. We highly recommend that you bookmark the page once you access the information for the stop that you are interested in. That way you will be able to much more easily access the information in the future.

If you are using a new type of SmartPhone that our system doesn't recognize you might be redirected to our slower full feature site instead of the cell phone site. If this happens try going to www.nextbus.com/mini.html instead.


You can access NextBus prediction via a cell phone or a PDA by sending a text message. The arrival predictions for you bus will then be texted back to you. You can even have the system alert you when your bus is a specified number   Please note: some cell phone service plans charge you for each text message.

Shows a hand operating a cell phone keypadUse:

The 5-digit texting address is 41411.  Text the message UNHbus Stop# (where "Stop#" is the bus stop number of your inquiry). 

For example, bus stop #104 is Thompson Hall, so texting UNHbus 104 to 41411 you will receive a text with prediction information for the T-Hall bus stop.  Note that some stops, like T-Hall, are serviced by multiple routes, so you will receive all predictions for all routes servicing this stop.  You may need to scroll through multiple displays to find your route/prediction of choice.

Finding your stop number: 

Bus stop numbers are displayed on signs and/or shelters of all bus stops. 
They are displayed in the route prediction icons in the online interface.
(Use link at top for finding your preferred "Stop Number"):

When you don't know your stop number:

Menus:  You can leave out the stop#, and simply text UNHbus .  You will receive a series of texted menu replies asking for route number, stop location, and direction.  Reply with your preferences until your stop# is determined, and you will then get a text with the predictions.

Address: You can even text in a street address, intersection or (sometimes) a local landmark, and sometimes NextBus can figure out where you are, although it may provide several "guesses" for you to sort through until you've found a stop near you.

TIP:  Once you've found a stop using one of these methods, you can save that stop and give it a name by replying with "s stopName" where "stopName" is a name of your chosing, e.g. "work".  Thereafter you can easily access predictions by texting UNHBus work from your SMS service 

Setting up an alert for when bus is specified number of minutes away

An incredibly useful feature of the NextBus SMS system is that it can automatically send you an alert when your bus is a specified number of minutes away. This way you don't have to continually monitor the NextBus system to determine when it is time to catch your bus. To use this feature first select a stop using one of the methods described above. Once you have selected a stop and predictions are displayed you can simply reply to the prediction message with the number of minutes of notice you want before your bus is going to arrive. You can specify an alert time of between 0 and 30 minutes. So for example, for a prediction for the Dover Transportation Center bus stop,  you can first select the stop by sending to 41411 the message "UNHbus 214" (214 is the bus stop number at the DTC).  Then reply with "5" to be alerted when your bus is 5 minutes away.

What is the "Subscribed to" message?

When you send your first message to the NextBus system you will receive a reply indicating that you have subscribed to the system. This only means that you have subscribed to the possibility of the using the alert feature described above. The NextBus system will never send you other messages besides the arrival prediction information you have specifically requested

Useful commands

You can specify single letter commands.

  • "h" or "?" for help
  • "r" for refresh (updates the predictions)
  • "p" for looking at the previous prediction when there are multiple stops, directions, or routes
  • "n" for looking at the next prediction when there are multiple stops, directions, or routes
  • "s stopName" for saving a stop for easy retrieval
  • "1"-"30" for sending an alert when bus is the specified number of minutes away

Why the terse abbreviations?

SMS is limited to just a few characters per message. Therefore the system uses abbreviated names to tell you the names of routes, directions, and stops.

Phones with no Internet or SMS service:A whilte office telephone with pushbuttons and corded receiver.

Don't worry if your phone isn't all that "smart".  It's easy to get prediction information using a traditional phone number.
Call 862-4800 and have your stop number ready (use link at top to find your preferred stop number.

 Voice prompts will lead you through.

NextBus agencies across North America:

Lots of municpalities and colleges across North America use NextBus! 
Go to http://www.nextbus.com/predictor/agencySelector.jsp to use these same features on other transit agencies!