Online Ticket Payments & Appeals: Overview & Help

Accessing Your Account

To access your parking account you need the citation number or license plate number.  For multiple tickets on one vehicle, you only need one citation number.  Tickets on multiple vehicles may/may not be combined on one parking account; multiple log-ins might be required.

Paying Your Ticket

At the login screen, enter your citation or plate number.  Follow the links for “pay citation” and enter the information.  Have your payment method ready (Visa/MC, or eCheck).  When finished, print and retain your receipt.  Business Office holds are released by mid-morning the following business day.

  • Releasing Towed Vehicles:  Vehicles towed for unpaid tickets are impounded at Smitty’s Towing & Recovery, (603-868-9785) 10 Dover Road, Durham (two doors down from the Irving gas station in downtown Durham).  After making FULL payment, print your receipt and call Smitty’s to arrange release (bringing the receipt with you).  Separate towing agency fees will apply.
  • Releasing Immobilized Vehicles:  Vehicles held with a mechanical imobilization device (e.g. a "boot") are generally kept in place until 3:30 p.m. and then towed (see above).  Evidence of full payment is required between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. weekdays in order for the vehicle to be released prior to towing.

Appealing Your Ticket

Parking ticket appeals may be submitted online within 10 days of the issuance date; older tickets will not be eligible.  No appeal will be considered if you have other unpaid tickets.  It may take up to one business day for tickets to be available to appeal online.

At the login screen enter your citation or plate number and follow the links for appealing.  Provide your full name and address (street, city, state zip), and email address.  UNH students and employees should also provide their UNH ID number.  Failure to provide the requested information could result in delay or denial. 

Concisely explain the reason for the appeal. It should present evidence of enforcement error or extreme extenuating circumstance.  It should not seek exclusion from the parking regulations.

Properly submitted appeals will automatically put your ticket on appeal and 'stop the clock' on late fees until a decision is rendered.  Your appeal is delivered to multiple people, so if you get an "out of office" reply from one of them, do not be concerned that it is not on appeal and under review.

See "How to Write an Effective Appeal"

Other Hints

  •  Be brief; complete sentences.
  •  Reference your citation only.  Do not cite other issues or citations.
  •  Don’t editorialize.  We are aware that convenient parking is scarce and that fines are high.
  •  Familiarize yourself with the parking regulations so that you know what you are contesting.
  •  Abusive, abrasive, sarcastic, or profane language will not help your appeal.

Appeals requiring photos, attachments or other substantiating documents may not use the online process.  Please mail, fax or drop off a paper appeal.

Processing:  While your appeal is under review, no holds or late fees will apply.  A decision will be sent via e-mail or regular mail within a few days. 


Access your account to pay or appeal.

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In-Person Payments, options and limitations:

Parking fine payments may also be made at the Parking & Transit Center during office hours.  Acceptable forms of payment include Visa/MC, Discover, AmEx; cash (US currency only), personal check (>$100 drawn on a US bank), travellers check, or money order. 

NO...Cat's Cache; personal checks over $100, nor multiple checks for a payment over $100; rolled coin payments, pennies exceeding $.50.  UTS reserves the rigtht to refuse excessive loose coin payments...generally anything more than $10.  Personal checks of any amount are not accepted for the release of an impounded vehicle.  Foreign currency or checks drawn on a foreign bank not acccepted.    "Walk-offs" leaving an unaccepted payment are subject to non-crediting of payment, an additional $100 fee, and possible suspension of parking privileges.

Through the mail:  Check payments (>$100) are accepted through the mail.  Do not mail cash!

Over the phone:  Credit card payments (Visa/MC, Discover, AmEx) can be made over the phone.