Parking Event Rate Sheet

University Transportation Services
Special Event Parking-Charging Standards

Effective June 1, 2014; rates and surcharges subject to change.

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Core Lots (Lots A,  D, or Sage Road, Campus Crossing, or Edgewood Road Visitor Lot)  

Day permits/spaces: $10/
Half-day permits/spaces, cleared before noon: $6/
Half-day permits/spaces, after Noon, not saved: $6/

Perimeter lots (West Edge, Mast Road)  

Day permits/spaces: $6/
Day permits/spaces, groups of >200: $4/
Half-day passes/spaces, cleared before noon: $4/
Half-day passes/spaces, after Noon, not saved: $4/

Other rates:  

Saved fac/staff or commuter spaces, after-hours or on weekends: As priced above
Unsaved fac/staff or commuter spaces, after-hours or on weekends (no parking in resident or other reserved spaces): $0/
Lot attendants, per hour: $40/attendant


Reservations made with <2-week notice: +$1/permit or $25
Alterations to existing reservations made with <1-week notice: $25
Reservations made with less than 24-hour notice: $50
Cancellations to existing reservation made with <24-hour notice: $50

Notes & Policies

The rates for permits/space are per unit per day. 
Charges for the requested permits/spaces applies whether or not the full number of anticipated attendees arrives to use the parking spaces.
"Saved" means reserved by means of signage and/or barriers preventing use by other motorists. ("Not saved" means the opposite).
"Cleared before Noon" means the attendees have departed before 12:00 noon, and the parking spaces have returned to normal general use.
Event parking in campus core is normally limited to Lots A, C and D.
Event parking in campus perimeter is normally limited to West Edge and Mast Road lots.

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