General Qualification Criteria

Student Commuter Permits

  1. Commuter permits available for any currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate student.
  2. May not live in campus housing, and must reside more than 1 mile from the Durham campus and quarter-mile from any campus/downtown bus stop.  See ineligible addresses/Commuter zone map.
  3. Must hold no other current UNH parking permit (motorcycle okay, same eligibility).

Student Campus Resident (Gables, Woodside, E/E1, Forest Park and Resident West) Permits

  1. Must be enrolled in a graduate or undergraduate class for the current semester.
  2. Must have a housing assignment in one of the on-campus dorms or complexes.
  3. Woodside permits restricted to Woodside residents; Gables permits to Gables residents; E/E1 permits to Area II or Area III (dorms south of Main Street) residents; Forest Park permits are  restricted to STUDENT Forest Park residents, plus Area II and Area III residents (dorms south of Main Street); Resident West permits available to residents of any campus housing assignment.
  4. Must hold no other current UNH parking permit, including motorcycle/moped.  Campus residents may hold EITHER a car permit or a motorcycle/moped permit, but not both. 
  5. Freshman campus residents are not ordinarily eligible to hold a Resident or Resident West permit.


  1. Must have full or part time employment with the University of N.H. with business on the Durham campus. 
  2. Must not live in Durham campus housing, including Forest Park.
  3. Must hold no other current UNH parking permit except motorcycle or certain approved departmental permits.
  4. Permits are not renewed on accounts with outstanding fines.

Motorcycle & Moped Permits

  1. Motorcycle permits may be purchased by eligible Faculty/Staff, non-freshman campus residents, and commuters residing outside the commuter permit eligibility perimeter.
  2. Moped permits may be purchased by eligible Faculty/Staff, non-freshman campus residents, and any commuter.  Moped Use & Safety
  3. Faculty/staff and commuters may obtain a motorcycle or moped permit by itself or in addition to a vehicle permit but may not have both vehicle and cycle on campus at once.
  4. Eligible campus residents may purchase either a car or a motorcycle permit but not both.


For other permit categories, see Article V of the Parking Regulations.

If a person’s eligibility changes after a permit is purchased but before the normal expiration date, the permit shall become invalid with no refund or guaranteed exchange.

Applicants may be required to provide documentation of eligibility, subject to verification or request for elaboration. 

All permits are issued on a space-available basis.  No need shall result in automatic issuance of a permit. 

In all cases, an applicant must have no outstanding UNH parking tickets to purchase/renew a permit.

Other rules & regulations, procedures & policies related to parking and permit distribution apply.