1920s-era photo of eight UNH students piled in and on a car built for four.What is the UNH Carpool Parking Program?

To encourge carpooling, which helps conservation resources—and parking spaces— UNH reserves a parking area for people who carpool.

Where is the designated carpool area?

In the Campus Crossing Visitor Lot* near the MUB.

Who is eligible to take advantage of the program?

Two or more holders of valid UNH commuter or faculty/staff parking permits.

How does it work?

Qualified carpoolers pair up on their own. Once enrolled, properly permitted vehicles with two or more enrollees may park in the Campus Crossing Visitor lot.

What does it mean to be “properly permitted”?

At least two occupants must purchase faculty/staff or commuter permits and display them in the  windshield.  Commuters with sticker permits can enroll at the parking office and receive a special carpooling permit.

Who will be checking on us?

Transportation Services personnel  monitor the lot to make sure that vehicles have at least two people, and that the proper permits are displayed.

May I carpool with a non-permit holder?

No.  The idea is to reduce the number of cars that would otherwise park on campus.  There must be at least two people in the carpool who are eligible for and have purchased traditional parking permits.  Additional riders don't need a permit.

Doesn’t this mean we are paying more for parking?

Individually, you are paying the same as you would have if two of you had each bought a permit and parked in standard parking.  Unlike the standard parking, however, you have access to parking in the heart of campus.  (Having separate permits also allows carpool participants to travel separately—and parking in standard parking—when needed).

*The Campus Crossing Visitor lot is also a Pay & Display hourly lot as well as a designated special events lot so occassionally events may limit or preclude availability.