About NextBus

What is NexBus?

NextBus employs live GPS data and a variety of interface options so you can tell exactly where your bus is and get a prediction on when it will get to any stop you name.

Passengers can obtain live vehicle location and bus stop arrival prediction information on their computer, iPad, mobile phone, texting service, or even by calling an ordinary telephone number.  Tracked vehicles include Wildcat Transit routes 3, 4, & 5, plus all the Campus Connector Routes.

  • NextBus iinformation integrates with a free mobile application download for iOS and Android phones, available in the UNH Mobile App suite. 
  • Online tracking can be seen at unh.edu/transportation/nextbus
  • A SMS text message saying UNHbus (space, stop #) sent to 41411 will text location/predictions.
  • And simply by calling 862-4800 with your stop number, NextBus will speak out the bus arrival predictions.

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