Ameenah Shabazz

Ameenah headshot
Food Solutions New England, New Hampshire Ambassador

Ameenah Shabazz embarked on her journey of learning through the lens of her vibrant community.  A native of the mid-Atlantic region, she developed a real sense of nature in her urban neighborhoods. She deepened her understanding of learning about plants and creating green spaces by earning a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture and Landscape Architect from Temple University in Pennsylvania.

Her studies were motivated from her beloved grandmother and mother who taught her about gardening and agriculture practices while using the land to help feed others.  Having worked for the Environmental Protection Agency, Fairmont Horticulture Center in Philadelphia, Urban Nutrition Initiative at the University of Pennsylvania and the Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success in Manchester, NH, has fueled her desire to share her knowledge and improve the quality of living for all.

Further, she completed her Masters in Chinese Acupuncture from the New England School of Acupuncture.  Not long after, she joined the Urban Farming Institute and completed the 8-week intensive training in Boston.  Ameenah is currently enrolled in an Integrative and Functional Nutrition Master’s degree program. Her passion is to merge preventative health options with healthier food alternatives and inspire change by creating a holistic view of the relationship between food, healing, nature, and community.

Ameenah enjoys spending time with her family and dabbling with home gardening projects.