Sustainability Dual Major

professor demonstrating equipment in sustainable food systems class

What is the Sustainability Dual Major?

The undergraduate Sustainability Dual Major (SDM) is a program of study that enables students to understand and act on the environmental and social challenges and solutions needed to create a more sustainable world – powerful experience to better understand your discipline through the lens of sustainability. The SDM is an innovative pathway to combine your disciplinary education with the interdisciplinary skills and knowledge needed to create a more sustainable future in a complex, ever-changing global environment. Students from any UNH college or major can pair the Sustainability Dual Major with the first major.  

Watch the 15-minute info-session.

Why Should I Enroll?

As a cross-disciplinary field of study and practice, you’ll make connections across issues of science and ethics, policy and technology, and culture and history to better understand and take action on pressing issues of our time.

  • Study grand challenges in a flexible format
  • Apply your principles and passions to your academic work
  • Add value to your primary major
  • Work collaboratively across disciplines with students and faculty
  • Develop skills needed to create sustainable solutions in any profession
  • Prepare for a career in the expanding sustainability field
  • Hone your leadership abilities to help create a better world

Be part of a growing and vibrant community of students who come from different backgrounds and disciplines but share a common goal of improving the world!

How do I Enroll?

Are you ready to declare a dual major in sustainability? We’d love to have you join our growing community!  Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Make sure you meet the prerequisites:
    • GPA of 2.5 or greater
    • You've already declared your primary major
  2. Log onto WebCat and:
    • Go to Student Records -> Change of Major -> Change Major/Option
    • Click on the link next to Second Major
    • Choose "Liberal Arts" as the college in the pull down menu and then select Sustainability as your new major
    • Submit and Confirm Request
  3. Your change of major is then approved by Cameron Wake and the Dean of COLA

Learning Outcomes 

  • Describe and recognize sustainability
  • Understand the ecological and social foundations of sustainability
  • Examine specific grand challenges of sustainability, such as climate change, agriculture, and energy
  • Analyze sustainability case studies at local, regional, and global scales
  • Engage with the challenges of sustainability at the UNH campus
  • Work in interdisciplinary teams
  • Apply a systems perspective towards analyzing sustainability problems
  • Explore the role of values and ethics in sustainability
  • Learn how to work with partners in defining problems, producing and analyzing data, and developing solutions
  • Complete a capstone project in sustainability

With a Sustainability Dual Major, you are prepared not only for specific careers in sustainability, but also to add value to a position within your primary field.   

Course Requirements and Approved Electives

Program Contact

For more information about Sustainability Dual Major email Cameron Wake.