The UNH Testing Center

The UNH Testing Center

the testing space includes individual cubicles with an adjustable desk, a chair, and a monitor.The UNH Testing Center is a new resource available to faculty at UNH. This accessible testing space features 13 monitored exam stations which come with a number of course specific exam software. While faculty are still responsible for implementing all SAS (Student Accessibility Services) approved accommodations, the Testing Center can help to ensure certain exam accommodations are being effectively implemented.

Hours and Operation

Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am-4:30pm

Location: Thompson Hall G01

Students using the Testing Center will each get a private workstation, in a low-distraction environment. Exams are proctored on-site via CCTV by the Testing Coordinator (with additional proctors to be hired as necessary).

The Testing Coordinator will ensure each student is seated and their testing accommodations are met. Upon completion of the exam, the Testing Coordinator will see the student out and transmit the completed exam back to the instructor (if applicable).

Scheduling an Exam

We encourage faculty to schedule exams for students as soon as possible. However, faculty must complete the following survey at least five business days prior to the exam date. Completing brief survey will provide the Testing Coordinator with the information needed to schedule and proctor an exam, as well as provide options for delivering the exam materials.

  1. Step 1 - Complete the UNH Testing Center Faculty Request Form
  2. Step 2 - Contact the Testing Center Coordinator, Richard Mathiasen

For More Information, Please Contact:

Richard Mathiasen - Testing Coordinator - x20848

SAS Main Office - Smith 201 - x22607

UNH Testing Center FAQ

In the event faculty must schedule an exam without giving the required five days notice to the Testing Coordinator, the Coordinator will make every effort to seat the student if the space and schedule allow, but cannot promise a seat if the request is made with less than five business days notice. Requests made for the same day will NOT possible under any circumstances. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate testing in the Testing Center outside of our state hours of operation. The earliest start time for an exam is 8AM, and all exams must be completed by 4:30PM (including any additional time for student accommodations).

This decision is entirely up to the instructor. The Testing Center can seat students within its hours of operation, regardless of whether the exam is synchronous or not. 

For any exams under 30 minutes, we cannot promise seating for students with such exams, but every effort will be made. Exams over six hours in duration should be broken up into parts to be taken over two or more days. Please contact the Testing Coordinator for either situation.

We have 13 seats for students to take their exams at one time. We hope to expand our space in the coming year to accommodate more students simultaneously. This unfortunately means we are limited in space, and all efforts MUST be made by faculty to test within their department before utilizing the Testing Center.  

Please contact the Testing Coordinator immediately to inform them of the change to avoid any confusion. Exams can be rescheduled if needed, but the Testing Coordinator should be made aware of any change in a student's previously scheduled exam time in the Testing Center.

No. Only students who have completed their registration with SAS, including providing all necessary documentation, are able to use the Testing Center. The student must have an approved accommodation before using the Testing Center. 

The faculty request form allows you to list multiple students for the scheduled exam time. In the event that not all students can be scheduled for the same time (for instance, if there are not enough seats available at that time), then the Testing Coordinator will work with you on finding an appropriate solution.

The Testing Center can accommodate course specific and assistive software requests, but for any specialized equipment beyond that (microscope, burner, etc.), arrangements must be made by the instructor to test within their department. The Testing Center is NOT equipped for students needing specialized gear beyond a PC or laptop. 

The Testing Center will close if and when the Campus closes for inclement weather and/or other emergencies. If the Campus is open, it is safe to assume the Testing Center is open as well.