Students Registered With SAS

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Sending Accommodation Letters

If you are a student who has accommodations through SAS, you are required to send your accommodation letters to faculty each semester through Clockwork. Click the link below to go to our Clockwork page for instructions.  


You may send your accommodation letters to faculty at any time, but we highly recommend that you send them as soon as possible. There are no retroactive accommodations, so sending letters in a timely manner is important. When sending letters, you may also choose to send all of your accommodations or only specific accommodations to your faculty. This, again, is a choice you can make.

We also highly recommend that when you send your letters you also reach out directly to your faculty member to discuss your accommodations and to help your faculty answer any questions they might have about your accommodations. In that conversation, you can connect with your faculty to determine how the accommodations will work best during the semester.


Revising Accommodations

If you are already registered with SAS and would like to revise your accommodations (adding or changing accommodations), then please follow the following steps:

  1. Contact SAS to make an appointment
  2. As needed, submit any additional documentation to support your request. You can do this by following the instructions in the Submitting Documentation video or PDF on the ClockWork page.

New documentation is not always necessary for revising your accommodations. However, if your request is not supported by the documentation on file, SAS can request that you send additional documentation. This will help SAS understand the functional need and why the accommodations might be reasonable.

For questions about documentation, please refer to the SAS Documentation page.