LiveScribe Echo SmartPen

Take the stress out of taking lecture notes and studying for an exam with an Echo smartpen from Livescribe!

Echo pen and notepad


Livescribe pens record everything you hear, say, and write while linking your audio recordings to your notes. This enables you to go back and listen to the lecture simply by tapping on your notes. Learn more about Livescribe Pens.

Quickly replay audio from your Livescribe paper with a simple tap on your handwritten notes.  Or,  you can upload your notes to your computer using the Echo Desktop app and watch the replay of your notes with synchronized audio.   It's never been easier to take notes and stay organized.  

Do you have a difficult time taking notes and keeping up with what the professor is saying? Jot down a few words or doodle a picture during lecture.  Later, go back to important parts of a lecture by simply touching that doodle or those brief notes, listen to the audio, and then add to your existing notes.  

Check out this video to learn how students at other Universities are using the Echo SmartPen to take class notes and prepare for exams. 

SAS has a limited number of Livescribe Pens available for a trial period and/or semester loan.  We encourage students who find this tool effective to consider purchasing their own pen in the future so that other students may also have the opportunity to try this device.

Please contact our Assistive Technology Specialist, Maureen Bourbeau to schedule a demonstration and training including strategies for notetaking with a SmartPen.