Must-Have Apps for College Students


Do you have writer's cramp? Do you prefer to talk it out?

Try using Dictation to write your papers or create your study outlines.

Office 365 has free dictation tools built into Word, Outlook, OneNote and PowerPoint. Try using dictation to write your papers or create your study outlines.

Check out the video and written instructions at Using Dictation in Microsoft 365.

Using Dictation in Microsoft 365 link

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Or check out the app which transcribes recorded audio. Read your handwritten notes or ideas aloud and Otter will create a transcript. You can then use the transcript to edit and study from, or just replay the audio multiple times.

Otter is a recording, transcription and notetaking tool, available as an app or via the Web Portal. Instantly transcribe audio from your microphone or from an uploaded audio/video file.

Watch this video to for a quick demonstration:

 Otter AI Free Voice to Text App - Demo & Features (6:45)

Otter AI YouTube video link


Or check out this blog post:

Otter AI Blog Link


Free 600 minutes (10 hours)/month!

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  • Do you have way too much reading to do?
  • Are your eyes tired from looking at your screen?
  • Do you wish someone would just read it to you?

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Check out the Immersive Reader features available in Word, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, and the Edge Browser.  Immersive Reader is also built-in to Canvas.

Watch this video to learn how this could help with your reading and writing: 

Improve Reading & Writing with Immersive Reader (6:07)

Immersive Reader video link

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Maybe you wish you could convert your paper reading to audio? Check out how easy it is with the Microsoft Lens App and the integrated Immersive Reader. 

Watch this video and learn how to use the Microsoft Lens app to easily scan print reading material and have it read out loud! 

Microsoft Office Lens and Immersive Reader (4:07)

MS Lens and Immersive Reader Video Link




Tired of losing points for grammatical or typing errors on your written assignments?


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Try using the free Grammarly writing assistant to quickly find and fix those errors to ensure you are submitting your BEST work!

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Or try the free Immersive Reader tool in Word 365 to listen to your paper being read aloud as another proofreading strategy. Sometimes it's easier to hear an error or awkward sentences vs. reviewing it with our eyes.

Watch this video to learn how:

Improve Reading & Writing with Immersive Reader (6:07)

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