Mobility-Related Accommodations

Common Mobility Accommodations/Services Explained 

Needs are based on the nature of the disability and the impact, with an understanding that “impact” may change due to the disability as well as the environment.

Classroom Access

Providing desks or chairs that may be appropriate is done through SAS in coordination with the Registrar. Moving classrooms in situations where a building/room in inaccessible is also done as necessary. Students should check buildings and rooms once enrolled prior to the start of the following semester to identify any potential issues or concerns. Notify SAS.

Wildcat Access Van 

Eligibility for the Access Van is determined either through SAS or Health and Wellness. The service offers point to point transportation for UNH students with permanent or temporary disabilities. The Access Van serves the campus area serviced by the Campus Connector shuttles.

Additionally, all of the UNH buses are lift-equipped.

Equipment & Activities

Campus resources:

Assistive Technology of New Hampshire (state AT Project) 
10 West Edge Drive, Suite 101   
855.374.9969 (toll free) * 855.374.9969 TTY *
603.862.0555 fax

Provides many types of devices and equipment that may assist for academic, personal, or recreational use. Serves the residents of NH along the entire life span (‘birth to earth’).

Northeast Passage    
121 Technology Drive, Suite 161
603.862.0070 * 800.735.2964 (NH Relay – free) *
603.862.2722 fax

The mission of Northeast Passage is to create an environment where individuals with disabilities can enjoy recreation with the same freedom of choice, quality of life, and independence as their non-disabled peers.

We do this by developing, delivering, and evaluating innovative barrier-free recreation and health promotion programs. Our guiding principles are promoting client independence through education and problem solving, creating opportunities, and collaborating with others to create a strong network of accessible recreation.

Priority Snow Route Plan

UNH Facilities has identified two (2) priority snow/ice removal routes. (View Map Here) These routes will be maintained hourly. It includes sidewalks, building entrances, and Access Van pick-up/drop-off points. Students should make note of these routes as they may differ from usual ones used.

Other sidewalks/areas will continue to be cleared as well; however, they will be cleared less regularly than the “priority routes”. Please be aware of balance, equipment, and other factors that may be affected by snow and ice.

Dining, Transportation and Personal Care Attendants during Curtailed Operations 

If a student with a physical disability simply requires a meal and cannot get out of their campus dorm, either due to inclement weather or curtailed operations, they may call UNH Dining at (603) 862-0710 to arrange for someone to pick up, or arrange for reasonable delivery of, a boxed meal.

If a meal is to be delivered UNH dining will contact UNH PD and make the necessary arrangements. 

Entrance to Dining Halls Not Cleared of Snow:

Please call the Checker station to report any issues:

Holloway        603.862.0710
Philbrook        603.862.9331
Stillings           603.862.0804

Curtailed Hours (Dining)

  • Holloway Commons and Philbrook Hall will open from 9:00am – 7:00pm.
  • Stillings Hall will close.
  • Wildcatessen and Philbrook Café will open from 11am – 11pm.  All other Cafes and Stores will close.

Delayed Opening (Dining)

  • Holloway Commons and Philbrook Hall will open one hour prior to the University opening time.
  • Stillings Hall and Cafes and Stores will close until the University reopens.

Procedures for Students with a Personal Care Attendant

The following is available to UNH students with disabilities, who require physical assistance (use a PCA), during curtailed operations relating to a weather event:

  1. If a Personal Care Attendant (PCA) is a UNH student and they are not able to physically get to the student with a disability, who lives on campus, either the PCA or the student with a disability may call UNH PD (603) 862-1427. UNH PD will transport a PCA to the student's residence within reasonable distance.
  2. If the student with a disability would like transportation to a Dining Hall, the following  options exist:

If curtailed operations are announced the day prior to closing, students with disabilities that live on campus and are registered with the Wildcat Access Van must call UNH Transportation; (603) 862-2328 prior to the close of that day if they wish to arrange for transportation.

If curtailed operations are announced the day of closing, students with disabilities that live on campus and are registered with the Wildcat Access Van will be directly contacted by UNH Transportation to inquire if service to the Dining Halls is needed.

If UNH curtails early for the day, students with disabilities that live on campus and are registered with the Wildcat Access Van must call UNH Transportation;(603) 862-2328 before they close for the day to request transportation to the dining hall for dinner.

If students with disabilities require the assistance of a PCA at the dining hall, UNH Transportation will pick up the PCA if they live at the Lodges, Cottages, or Rivers Edge Apartments (students living in dorms on campus should be able to walk to the dining hall).