Housing-Only Documentation Guidelines

If you are only requesting housing accommodations, then you are not required to submit the same documentation as with general requests.

PLEASE NOTE: if you submit documentation in this way, the documentation you submit may not be sufficient to qualify for non-housing requests. For any other requests, please use the general documentation guidelines.

Steps to submit housing-only documentation:

  1. Talk with your provider about your possible accommodations at UNH 
  2. Send your provider the link to the Provider Guidance - Submitting Documentation to SAS @ UNHThis document will help your provider understand what is required of them.
  3. Your provider will then send you the documentation they have created
  4. Check the documentation using the UNH SAS Housing-Only Documentation Self-Check
  5. Upload the documentation to your Clockwork Portal (see instructions under How do I Submit Documentation?)
  6. Meet with SAS to discuss possible accommodations

If you would like assistance sending the form to your provider, please contact: sas.office@unh.edu or call (603) 862-2607 during regular business hours.


All submitted documentation for housing-only requests (see General Documentation Guidelines for all other requests), is reviewed using the criteria below, also found on the UNH SAS Housing-Only Documentation Self-Check:

  • Basic Criteria, Housing-only documentation should:
    • Be on official letterhead, dated, typed, and in English
    • Must come from a professional with an existing relationship to the student
    • Provide information about the specific functional impacts of the condition
    • Detail the relationship between the condition and the accommodation request
      • In regards to Emotional Support Animals (ESA) this can also include information on work the animal does, tasks performed, and type of assistance
  • Recency Criteria
    • ADHD, LD, ASD, ID - within 5 years
    • Psychological, TBI - within 1 year
    • Health, Sensory - variable depending on condition permanence

Having housing accommodations does not automatically qualify you for other types of accommodations. This is because the process and criteria are different for housing-only accommodation and other types of accommodations. If you think that you might request other types of accommodations, then we recommend you have a provider complete the Provider Verification Form.