General Documentation Guidelines

Types of Documentation

1. General Documentation - If you are requesting academic, parking, or dining accommodations, then you are required to submit general documentation as outlined in this section.

2. Housing-Only Documentation - If you are submitting housing-only documentation, then please refer to our Housing-Only Documentation Guidelines.


Submitting General Documentation

To submit documentation for general accommodations (all requests besides housing-only requests), then the preferred pathway is for you to have a current provider complete the Provider Verification Form. This is a form that you can share directly with your provider using the document:


Your provider can then complete the form and can be emailed a link to submit any additional supporting evidence such as neuropsychological reports or audiograms.

If you do not have a current provider or would like to submit documentation in another way, then please see the guidance in the question below and refer to the UNH SAS Documentation Self-Check.

Steps to submit documentation using the Provider Verification Form

  1. Talk with your provider about your possible accommodations at UNH (if you do not have a current provider, please see the question below)
  2. Send your provider the Provider Guidance - Submitting Documentation to SAS @ UNHThis document will help your provider understand what is required of them and provides them with a link to the form they need to complete. Your provider will then complete the form, which will be submitted directly to SAS.
  3. Confirm with your provider that the form has been completed.
  4.  Meet with SAS to discuss possible accommodations.

Once your provider completes the Provider Verification Form, SAS will receive notification. We will then review your providers responses.

If you would like assistance sending the form to your provider, please contact: or call (603) 862-2607 during regular business hours.


If you do not have a current provider or want to submit other types of documentation, then you can still share information with SAS to review. For instance, many students might have a comprehensive neuropsychological report or previous support letters that you wish to share with SAS. These documents can provide SAS with all the information we need to determine what accommodations are reasonable. In these cases, you can simply upload your documentation directly into your Clockwork portal once you have reviewed it to ensure it meets the criteria.

Steps to submit support letters and assessments:

  1. Review the UNH SAS Documentation Self-Check
    1. This will give you all the criteria that SAS uses to evaluate your documentation.
  2. Gather the documentation you would like to submit
  3. Check the documentation using the UNH SAS Documentation Self-Check
  4. Upload the documentation to your Clockwork Portal (see instructions under How do I Submit Documentation?)

If you plan on submitting documentation without the Provider Verification Form, then we highly recommend that you review our documentation criteria and complete the UNH SAS Documentation Self-Check. SAS reviews all documentation using our documentation criteria, so it is important to understand what these criteria are and if your documentation meets it prior to submission.

All submitted documentation for general requests (see the guidelines for housing-only requests), is reviewed using the criteria below, also found on the UNH SAS Documentation Self-Check:

  • Basic criteria, documentation should:
    • Be on official letterhead, dated, typed, and in English
    • Be written by a licensed provider
    • Must come from a professional with an existing relationship to the student
    • Include information about the student diagnosis
    • Include any current, objective assessment data to support the diagnosis
    • Detail the functional limitations, including the severity of said limitations
    • Discuss any relevant accommodation history
    • Detail the connection between the functional implications and the accommodations being requested by the student
  • Recency criteria
    • ADHD, LD, ASD, ID - within 5 years
    • Psychological, TBI - within 1 year
    • Health, Sensory - variable depending on condition permanence

We require documentation for all newly registered students. You can submit an IEP, 504 plan, or previous accommodation letters, but often these do not meet all of our review criteria. It is possible that these documents do meet criteria, but you should be sure the documentation meet criteria before submitting them.

Whether or not you had an IEP or 504 Plan, we recommend that you have a provider complete the Provider Verification Form. If you do not have a current provider, then you can still submit the documentation you have by submitting additional documents in your Clockwork portal.