STEM Resources

When taking a problem solving course, students often feel like they are spending too much time doing their homework. This is because it’s important to not only do practice problems, but to understand the underlying concepts and how equations fit together. If you understand the lecture/book material before approaching homework, this will save you time and you will experience fewer roadblocks.

  • Click on the hyperlinked resource
  • Mouse to the upper, right-hand corner
  • Click on the three dots
  • Select "Download"

Picture of how to download resources


Always check your syllabus and Canvas page for resources and tools your professor wants you to use to learn course content.  We've provided additional content tutoring videos for many of the first-year STEM courses.

While our STEM videos are being migrated to our new website, you can search for the video you need using this Kaltura channel:


Human anatomy caricature

Anatomy & Physiology

Photo of microbes depicting UNH CFAR Biology 411 resources

Biology 411

Photo of forest depicting UNH CFAR Biology 412 resources

Biology 412

Test tubes with red liquid

Chemistry 403

Test tubes and flasks

Chemistry 404

Rocks in the desert

Physics 401/407

multi-colored cube

Physics 402/408