Academic Mentors

Peer mentors are academic coaches who work with students on all things academic! Personalized meetings address what you are experiencing in your classes, while studying, and as a student. Meet with an academic mentor weekly or as needed to improve your study skills. Most students benefit from working on:

  • Time management
  • Organization
  • Studying for and taking exams
  • Problem solving approaches
  • Notetaking skills
  • Reading skills
  • Canvas analysis
  • Syllabi analysis
  • Online portal learning tools

Academic mentors are available by appointment or through our drop-in hours at Smith Hall (second floor). To schedule an appointment with a mentor of your choice, visit our CFAR calendar (first step will be to create an account).

Not sure who to meet with?  Take a minute to get to know our awesome Academic Mentor staff. 

How to Make an Appointment

Mentor Spotlight



English & Education

"I am here to help you in any capacity. I want everyone to feel confident and succeed in whatever they do!"



Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems

"I love working with and helping others...on how to better time manage, study, and organize themselves."



Neuroscience & Behavior

"I'd love to educate you on all the resources that we have at CFAR!"




"The best way to stay ahead in college is to find a balance in your schedule between the things you enjoy and the work that needs to be done."



Anthropology & Sustainability

"I really enjoy speaking with others and helping people organize!"

Kay Mcgee


Linguistics & Spanish

"I am excited to meet with you and help you work on study habits, time management, and general support! I hope you take advantage of all the resources UNH provides!"

Meghan McDonough


Business Administration: Accounting & Finance

"CFAR has so much to offer! Stop by and I would love to help you with organization, time-management, and study tips"

Sam Hussey


Analytical Economics

"I am able to help other students that might need extra help learn how to be academically successful and teach them strategies that have helped me."

Anna McNulty


Occupational Therapy

"I love helping to create colorful visual aids to learn new material while prioritizing organization and balance!"

Patrick Rubinas


Undeclared CEPS

"CFAR has the resources to help students learn how to be more effective in their academic lives and anyone can benefit, regardless of how much they already know."

picture of Dasha



"I'm excited to work with you and help find the best ways for you to succeed in college!"


Amanda Wentworth



"Knowing the right way to effectively study can be difficult and stressful. Schedule an appointment with me to get started on building better study habits, time management, organization and more! I cannot wait to help you regain your academic confidence."

Hannah Norman



"Having a variety of study methods is key to memorizing content, but also being able to apply it."

Steven Carvalho


Undeclared CEPS

I'd love to encourage and assist you in unlocking your full potential as a scholar, as well as being an option to release other thoughts and talk through non-academic situations if comfortable."



Political Science & Communication

"I know what it feels like to be unsure of the major that you're in and the classes that you're taking...I'm here for you!"

Ryan Thompson


Undeclared COLA

"Every success begins with a well thought out plan. Together we can build those plans."

Kevin Jiang


Bioengineering & Pre-Med

"Feeling stuck, exhausted, or confused? Come down to CFAR for a cup of tea and I’ll help sort things out for you!"