Weekend Walkers

The Weekend Walkers program is an effort administered by the Division of Student Life.  The goal of the program to educate students on how to make positive and safe choices when socializing in the Durham community.  The Weekend Walkers employs several student life professionals to patrol the streets during weekend nights.  The Walkers interact with students during their walks and provide a professional presence for the students to utilize as a resource.  The Walkers also provide assistance to the recognized Greek chapters in the downtown Durham area. 


The program was started in 2002 as a collaboration between Student Life, UNH Police, and the Memorial Union Building.  It was initially funded by a grant from the UNH Police Department; however, now the Weekend Walkers program is funded by the UNH Student Senate.


Augmenting the Weekend Walkers are the “Red Coats.”  The Red Coats program consist of the Associate Deans of UNH’s eight colleges and senior level university administrators.  As with their Weekend Walker counterparts, their purpose is to educate the students to make positive and safe choices.           


Deans of colleges and Assistant Vice Presidents

The Weekend Walkers program is administered by Zachary Ahmad-Kahloon.