Residential Alcohol Policy and Regulations (ad/ss) (2017)

As members of the University community, students are expected to obey the law and assume full responsibility for the choices they make regarding alcohol use. Students, not the University or its staff, are accountable for all outcomes related to legal, illegal, and/or irresponsible use of alcohol. Following are specific tenets of the residential alcohol policy.

1. Possession and/or consumption of alcohol is not permitted by anyone under age 21. A legal age drinker may have just one open alcohol container at a time for personal consumption.

2. Possession or consumption of alcohol is permitted only in rooms, suites or apartments where at least one of the assigned residents is at least 21 years old, and only by those of legal age.

3. Alcohol is not permitted in any of the common or public areas of the residence halls or apartment buildings.

4. Providing underage people with alcohol is illegal and, therefore, not permitted.

5. All common sources of alcohol, including but not limited to kegs, punch bowls, beer balls, or excessive amounts of alcohol in bottles or cases, are strictly prohibited in residence halls and apartments. The host(s) of such activity may receive a sanction of eviction or greater.

6. In all circumstances when staff respond to and confront an illegal drinking activity, empty alcohol containers may well be considered an aggravating factor connected with the current illegal activity.

7. A person who is under the influence of alcohol and whose behavior leads to injury or illness may be considered to be in violation of the alcohol policy.