Introduction (2017)

Welcome to the University of New Hampshire

The University offers a wealth of resources to support your success. The opportunities to learn and to grow are virtually limitless, and are shaped primarily by your motivation to embrace the intellectual and personal challenges of a college education. As with any community, ours has rules that have been developed to ensure a supportive and appropriate environment for learning. While these rules pertain primarily to students, they are consistent with the expectations for all members of the UNH community.

This year’s Student Rights, Rules and Responsibilities outline those expectations that the University has established to foster an environment conducive to learning on – and beyond – the University campus. One crucial aspect of this environment is our collective commitment to respecting the rights, dignity, and worth of all community members. As  a land, sea, and space grant University, we recognize that our “classroom” extends throughout the universe and we hope that you will carry this same sense of respect to all corners of the world, beginning with our host community of Durham. For this reason, we ask that you take time to review all of these documents in order to understand the values and rules of this community.

For the vast majority of our students, college will be a challenging and worthwhile experience. We hope that taking the time to become familiar with the expectations and rules outlined in this document will allow you to focus on the best parts of college life and to truly discover your own future at UNH.

Again, welcome to the University of New Hampshire. If there is anything we can do to help you to succeed and to realize your dreams, please let us know.

As used in this publication, “(fs)” denotes the rules within the jurisdiction of the Faculty Senate, “(gc)” for Graduate Council, and “(ad)” denotes administrative rules. Those rules denoted with “(ad/ss)” are within the jurisdiction of the administration and the Student Senate.