D. Resident Meal Plans (2017)

All students who reside in University housing (except Babcock Hall, The Gables and Woodside apartment residents) are required to purchase a meal plan from the designated mandatory choices. There are no exceptions to this requirement. The Core, Campus and Campus Premier meal plans satisfy the requirement. See www.unh.edu/dining for the latest information about meal plans and services.

1. Resident students must designate the meal plan of their choice:

a. prior to July 1 for Semester I

b. prior to the second Friday in November for Semester II

2. Failure to specify a meal plan choice will be an indication of acceptance of the minimum mandatory meal plan for resident students, currently the Core Plan.

a. The last day for making downgrades to your meal plan is the 2nd Friday of each semester.

3. Resident meal plans are valid through the last day of meal service in the semester of purchase.

4. Access to the dining halls can be obtained through one of the following five methods:

a. Finger Recognition System (those owning one of the three resident unlimited meal plans)

b. Dining Dollars (encoded on your UNH photo ID card)

c. Cat’s Cache (encoded on your UNH photo ID card)

d. Cash

e. Master Card, Visa, or Discover.

5. Refund schedule. In the event of official withdrawal from the University, suspension or mutual consent of the parties to terminate this Agreement, the effective date for calculating a refund on a paid dining plan will be the date of official withdrawal or the date of last meal eaten, whichever is later.

a. Academic Year Refunds are made as follows:

i. Before Registration Day, 100% refund.

ii. A meal plan that has not been used through the second Friday of either Semester, 100% refund.

iii. A meal plan that has been used at any time will be charged at the weekly rate for that meal plan for each week up to cancellation. Par- tial weeks will be rounded up. The weekly rate equals meal plan cost (not including Dining Dollars) divided by number of weeks in the semester.

iv. Unused Dining Dollars will be refunded.

b. Summer Session refunds will be only in the case of official withdrawal.