Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)

Behaviorial Intervention Team (BIT)

The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) at UNH provides assistance when student behavior suggests harm to self or others. Based on timely review, BIT makes referrals to appropriate resources and recommends appropriate actions to the Senior Vice-Provost for Student Life/Dean of Students (SVPSL/DOS).  For additional information, please refer to the Student, Rights, Rules and Reponsibilities.

Behaviors that the BIT will respond to include

  • Explicit threats, gestures or acts of violence directed at self or others

  • Intent and/or plans to perform a violent act

  • Unprovoked anger or hostility

  • Apparent disorientation or breaks from reality

  • Deterioration in quality of work and/or appearance

  • Expression of despair, hopelessness

In cases of imminent threat, contact UNH Police (911) immediately.  

In all other cases, contact your College Associate Dean if you see one or more of these behaviors or any other behaviors that cause concern.   They will make referrals to appropriate resources and consult with the Dean of Students when needed.   For more information, please contact the Dean of Students' Office at 603-862-2053.

2020-21 BIT Members

  • Ruth Abelmann, Acting Director, Residential Life;
  • Paul Dean, UNH Chief of Police
  • Kathleen Grace-Bishop, Director of Education & Promotion, Health Services/BIT Chair, Health & Wellness;
  • Shari Robinson, Director, Psychological and Counseling Center
  • Elisa Bolton, Interim Director, Psychological and Counseling Center
  • Nate Talbot, Director, University Advising Center
  • Scott Lapinski, Director, Student Accessibility Services
  • Kristen Carpenter, Associate Director, Residential Life
  • Rebecca Wintringer, Apartment Manager
  • Donna Han, Manager, Housing, Facilities and Operation
  • Victoria Perkins, Assistant Director, Housing

Other useful resources are:

  • UNH Police Department: 911 (emergencies 24/7) -or- 603-862-1427 (non-emergency)

  • Psychological and Counseling Services 603-862-2090 (24/7)

  • Dean of Students 603-862-2053 (M-F 8 AM-5 PM)

  • Health & Wellness 603-862-9355 (WELL) (24/7)

  • “Dealing with at Risk Students” Program tailored your group by Psychological and Counseling Services                     603-862-2090