Administrative Policies and Regulations (2017)

10  Affirmative Action and Equity Policies
10.1  Nondiscrimination Policy
10.2  Policy on Harassment and Sexual Harassment
10.3  UH Policy on Nonsexist Language

11  University of New Hampshire Hazing Policy

12  Financial Responsibilities
12.1  Classification of Students for Tuition Purposes (Residency Rules)
12.2  Mandatory Fees
12.3  University Accounts
12.4  Financial Aid to Students

13   Health & Wellness
13.1  General Policies
13.2  Scope of Health & Wellness
13.3  Fees and insurance
13.4  Patients' Bill of Rights (Based on NHRSA 151:3-b)
13.5  Notice of Privacy Practices

14  Residential Rules and Regulations (ad/ss)

15  Dining Hall Policies
15.1  Students in Residence Halls
15.2  Specific Nutrition
15.3  Voluntary Meal Plans
15.4  Meal Plan Rates
15.5  Refunds
15.6  Meal Hours
15.7  Removal of Food and Equipment
15.8  Items Prohibited From Dining Halls

16  University ID Cards
16.1  Use of Identification
16.2  Lost ID Cards
16.3  The Cat's Cache Program
16.4  Dining Dollars
16.5  Finger/Vein Biometric Technology

17  Intercollegiate Athletics (ad/ss)
17.1  Certification and Eligibility
17.2  Funding
17.3  Intercollegiate Athletics
17.4  UNH Policy on Scheduling of Games and Practices

18  Student Organization Policies
18.1  Definition of Student Organization
18.2  Recognition of Studen tOrganizations
18.3  Appeal Process
18.4  Rights and Privileges of Recognized stuent Organizations
18.5  Responsibilities of Recognized Student Organizations
18.6  Discipline of Recognized Student Organizations and Their Members

19  Sport Clubs
19.1  Membership and/or Eligibility for Sport Clubs
19.2  Procedures for Starting a New Sport Club

20  Meetings and Speakers

21  Student Participation in University Committess (ad/ss)
21.1  Joint committees of students, administration, and faculty (ad/ss) 

22  Administrative Separation and Procedures for Readmission
22.1  Administrative Separation for Off-Campus Criminal Charges
22.2  Administrative Separation and reinstatement for Reasons of Health Related Behaviors

23 Outdoor Assemblies and Events, Solicitation and Dissemination of Viewpoints in Public Areas on Campus (2018)
23.1  Outdoor Assemblies and Events
23.2  Solicitation and Dissemination of Viewpoints
23.3  Door-to-Door Solicitation
23.4  Permits for outdoor assemblies and events, solicitation, and distribution of literature
23.5  Distribution of Literature on campus

24  Commercial Activities on Campus (ad/ss)
24.1  Policy for Outdoor Commerical Actitites on Campus
24.2  Sale of Concert and Performance Related Materials
24.3  Public Presentations
24.4  Memorial Union
24.5  Private Individual Sales Presentations
24.6  Permission

25  Motor Vehicles
25.1  Permission to Operate and park a Vehicle on Campus
25.2  Parking Enforcement, Tickets, Appeals, Visitors
25.3  Traffic Enforcement

26  Health and Safety
26.1  Hazardous Substances or Dangerous Weapons
26.2  False Reports
26.3  Fire Safety Equipment
26.4  Evacuation
26.5  Failure to Report
26.6  Failure to Obey
26.7  Fire Hazads
26.8  THrowing OBjects
26.9  Access To Building Exterior
26.10  Exeternal Doors an Internal Fire Doors

27  Bicycle
27.1  Bicycle Operation
27.2  Parking and Securing of Bicycle
27.3  Violations

28  Grievance and Complaint Procedures
28.1  Preface
28.2  Camplaints Related to Discriminatory and Sexual Harassment
28.3  Other Complaints About Faculty
28.4  Other Complaints About Staff

29  Apeals Procedures for Graduate Students
29.1  Appeals Procedure for Graduate Students Concerning Employment Status
29.2  Policy and Appeals Produre for Graduate Students Dismissed for Failure to Make Satisfactory Academic Progress or Professional, Ethical, or Behavioral Misconduct

30  Acceptable Use Policy for information Technology Resources at the University of New Hampshire

31  UNH Behavioral Intervention Team

32  Student Social Media Policy (ad/ss)