27 Bicycles (2017)

27.1 Bicycle Operation

The operator of any bicycle is obligated to do so in conformance with all State Laws, applicable Town Ordinances, and University administrative regulations. The rules of the road that apply to motor vehicles also apply to bicycles. Bicycles are not to be operated on sidewalks, in buildings, or counter flow to traffic. Bicyclists must respect pedestrian’s right of way. The emphasis is on the protection and safety of all.

27.2 Parking and Securing of Bicycles

Bicycles are to be parked and secured only in places provided for that purpose. It is prohibited to secure bicycles by attachment to stair railings (exterior/interior), building entrances, light poles, trees, sign posts, etc.

27.3 Violations

The possession and use of a bicycle is endorsed by the University as long as the requirements are followed and respected. Violations will be addressed and enforcement action taken including removal of secured and unsecured bicycles and official warnings and citations.