26 Health and Safety

26.1 Hazardous Substances or Dangerous Weapons

Possession or use of hazardous or dangerous weapons or substances, including, but not limited to firearms, explosives, fireworks, air, pellet, and BB type guns, is prohibited on University property. Fireworks are defined as any substance prepared for the purpose of producing a visible or audible effect by combustion, explosion, or detonation.

26.2 False Reports

Making or causing to be made false fire alarms, false reports of fires, or any other dangerous conditions is prohibited, per RSA 644:3. Offenders/violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

26.3 Fire Safety Equipment

Nothing shall obstruct any fire sprinkler head or be hung from piping supplying sprinkler heads. Tampering with fire safety equipment, or unauthorized removal of such equipment is prohibited, per RSA 634:2. The playing of hall sports in residence halls is prohibited to protect fire safety equipment.

26.4 Evacuation

Failure to evacuate in the event of a fire alarm, hazardous, serious condition, or at the lawful request of a University or fire official is prohibited.

26.5 Failure To Report

Failure to report serious or hazardous incidents including, but not limited to, fire, accident, or illness is prohibited.

26.6 Failure To Obey

Directives Failure to obey directives or interference with the response of University or civil officials to emergency calls or in the carrying out of their regular responsibilities is prohibited.

26.7 Fire Hazards

Creating fire hazards or endangering the safety of persons or property, or improper use of electrical appliances, or possession of hazardous or flammable substances including, but not limited to gasoline, benzene, naphtha, and cleaning fluids is prohibited.

26.8 Throwing Objects

Objects are not to be thrown from windows or sundecks. Room or apartment residents may also be held responsible for objects thrown out of their windows, regardless of who threw the objects.

26.9 Access To Building Exterior

Students are prohibited from being on window ledges, roofs or porticos at any time. Cans, bottles, or any other items/objects are not to be placed on window ledges or roofs. People or items on window ledges/roofs present a serious safety hazard.

26.10 External Doors and Internal Fire Doors

Opening a clearly marked external emergency exit or security door, or deliberately propping open a door that is intended to be locked, is prohibited. Students are also prohibited from obstructing or blocking open any interior fire door/stairwell door.