25 Motor Vehicles

25.1 Permission to Operate and Park a Vehicle on Campus

Permission to operate and park a vehicle on campus or other lands of the university is a discretionary privilege bestowed by the University, and such privileges may be denied, removed, suspended, or modified by the action of the University Police Department or Transportation Department.

Parking a motor vehicle on campus requires registration with Transportation Services and the purchase and display of a valid university parking permit. A student may apply for and purchase a parking permit under the conditions contained in the University Parking Regulations, available at the University Transportation Services Web site. Eligible students desiring to bring or keep a car, motorcycle, moped, or other vehicle to campus are advised to review this policy. Questions on parking policies and procedures, or requests for special assistance may be directed to Transportation Services (Parking & Transit Center, open Monday –Friday, 7:30 a.m.–4:00 p.m.)

25.2 Parking Enforcement, Tickets, Appeals, Visitors

All motor vehicles parked at the university are subject to the classifications, eligibilities, limits, restrictions and enforcement measures for campus parking listed in the UNH Parking Regulations, available at the UTS Web site. All additions, deletions, or other changes in the parking regulations authorized by the University Transportation Services shall become effective when the UTS Web site is updated and/or at the time the appropriate sign is posted or removed. Violations of these regulations are subject to citation, fine, or other enforcement measures.

Parking citations issued by UTS or UPD personnel as a result of illegal parking must be paid within fourteen (14) calendar days of issuance or be subject to late fees or additional enforcement measures. Written appeals are accepted from those individuals wishing to contest a parking ticket within ten (10) days of issuance, after which time the right to appeal is forfeited. Appeal forms are available at Transportation Services and the UTS Web page.

In addition to vehicles students themselves operate and/or register on campus, students are also responsible for parking citations issued on the vehicles belonging to their guests and/or for citations placed on any vehicle whose owner registers the vehicle at the student’s permanent address. Students are responsible to correctly advise their family and guests on how to park legally, including, but not limited to the placement of visitor parking areas, permit requirements, time zone limits, Winter Parking Ban restrictions, etc.

25.3 Traffic Enforcement

All vehicles operated on campus are responsible for abiding by all local/campus moving traffic regulations, including speed limits, lane restrictions, traffic control devices and signage, traffic control officer direction, etc., and are subject to enforcement thereof by local police personnel.

25.4 University-owned Motor Vehicles

Students are not permitted to drive University System motor vehicle except in the capacity of a University employee, and then only as assigned by their supervising departmental personnel. Students must complete the Defensive Driver Course to drive for UNH business. Information on the Defensive Driving Course is posted at the UTS Web page.