15 Dining Hall Policies (2017)

15.1 Students in Residence Halls

All students who reside in University housing (except Babcock Hall or Gables and Woodside apartments) are required to purchase a meal plan each semester from the designated mandatory choices (Core, Campus or Premier meal plans). If no plan is selected when applying for housing, students will be assigned the Core meal plan.

Meal plan changes for the current semester will be accepted through the second Friday of each semester. The same meal plan will be billed for Spring semester when a student resides in a residence hall unless a Meal Plan Change Form is submitted to UNH Dining.

15.2 Specific Nutrition Concerns

Students with specific nutrition concerns or medically restricted diets should meet with UNH Dining’s registered dietitian to review options for dining hall reasonable accommodations. UNH Dining endeavors to provide a wide variety of nutritious food options to meet all needs.

Should the decision be that the dining program is not able to accommodate specific needs, the student should consider alternate housing, either in a University apartment or off-campus housing without a meal plan requirement. Meal plans are a requirement for all who reside in residence halls and exceptions are not granted.

UNH Dining makes every effort to ensure that recipe ingredients are communicated to all who want to know. Ingredient information and nutritional analysis of recipes are available on the Web at unh.edu/dining. Recipes and ingredients change frequently. It is the responsibility of guests with food allergies or specific nutrition concerns to make the judgment as to whether or not to eat a specific food item. Please ask questions about ingredients to any Dining associate.

15.3 Voluntary Meal Plans

Commuters and those who live in the University apartment complexes or Babcock Hall may choose either a swipe plan or an unlimited plan. See unh.edu/dining for the latest information about meal plans. The last day for cancellations, changes and refunds is the second Friday of the semester in which the meal plan was purchased.

15.4 Meal Plan Rates

Meal plan prices are available from the Dining Office, at unh.edu/dining or at Housing sign-up. The University reserves the right to change rates at the beginning of a semester based on trustee approval. UNH Dining will provide as much advance notice as possible regarding rate changes. Students will be charged the meal plan price in effect at the time of billing.

15.5 Refunds

Refunds on meal plans after the second Friday of each semester will be granted only with management approval or withdrawal from the University. If approved, Unlimited Meal Plans will be refunded based on the following: weeks and partial weeks attended will be charged at the weekly rate. Unused Dining Dollar balances will be refunded.

15.6 Meal Hours

Meal hours are posted in the residence and dining halls each semester and at unh.edu/dining. Students are responsible for allowing time for meals in their class and work schedules. Only specified dining halls will be open on weekends and during other periods of reduced activity or during curtailed operations.

15.7 Removal of Food and Equipment

No food or equipment may be removed from the dining halls. Violators are subject to a fine. At the retail locations, all food must be paid for before being consumed.

15.8 Items Prohibited From Dining Halls

Backpacks and other satchels are not allowed in the dining halls for the safety of patrons and staff. Only approved beverage containers are allowed. All other bottles, mugs and containers are prohibited. The University of New Hampshire is not responsible for lost or stolen item. Animals or pets are not permitted in the food service or dining hall areas (see the Room and Board Agreement, Section E.)