08 Library Regulations (2017)

08.1 University Libraries

The University Libraries on the Durham campus consist of the main Dimond Library with a writing center, academic technology support and media lab, three science branch libraries: the Chemistry Library, the Engineering-Mathematics-Computer Science Library, and the Physics Library and a storage building. The UNH Manchester Library is located on the Manchester campus. For detailed information about the UNH Library, go to the website: library.unh.edu or ask staff at any Library location.

08.2 Library Hours

Hours for all libraries are posted on the Library’s website (library.unh.edu/about-us/hours), as are exceptions due to semester breaks, examination periods, etc.

08.3(ad/ss) General Regulations

Students are welcome in the libraries during all open hours. Some areas are available for collaborative work while other areas have been designated "quiet zones."

All students wishing to borrow items from the library must show their UNH identification cards or another valid photo ID. A borrower of any library material is held responsible for its return by the due date, or renewal if applicable. Non-reserve materials may be returned at the Dimond Library, any branch library, or the outdoor book drop at the Thompson Hall parking lot. Reserve materials must be returned to the library location from which they were borrowed.

08.4 Borrowing

Most library materials may be borrowed for four weeks but are subject to immediate recall if needed for reserve or if urgently needed by another borrower. A "hold" may be placed on any book in regular circulation. Reserve books circulate for a more limited time and most Special Collections and reference materials do not circulate. Most periodicals may be accessed electronically through the library website (library.unh.edu.) Other materials (DVDs, print journals, popular magazines, laptops, media equipment, calculators, etc.) may have different borrowing terms.

08.5(ad/ss) Fines

Fines for overdue materials are charged to ensure equal access to materials for all library users. Please refer to Rule 11.22, Failure to Pay University Accounts. The system of fines is established by the Dean of the Library. Books that are damaged or lost will be charged the cost of replacement plus a processing fee. When material is returned within a year and undamaged, the replacement cost will be credited. Anyone who steals or willfully mutilates library materials or property will be subject to disciplinary and/or legal action. NH RSA 202-A:24 Offenses Against Libraries.

08.6(ad/ss) Use of Library Computing Technology

Use of the library’s technology resources is subject to acceptance of the library’s Acceptable Use Policy and the University’s IT Acceptable Use Policy. The Library’s policy is posted to the desktop of each library-owned computer and must be agreed to when using any library workstation. The policy can also be found on the library’s web site (library.unh.edu/about-us/policies/acceptable-public-computer-use-policy).

Violation of the terms of this agreement may result in disciplinary and/or legal action.