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Do I Need A YouTube Channel For My Organization?

It depends. How often are you going to post videos? Do you have a video or production team? What is the goal of posting videos? If you have questions about whether or not you should start a YouTube channel, contact us. We’d be glad to answer your questions. If decide that you do need a channel, consider the following steps:

Setting Up A YouTube Channel

Google requires all YouTube users to create an account. To create a new channel, first create a Google account

Create A Username:

We recommend you create a unique username that’s easy to remember and follows UNH branding. This makes it a lot easier when sharing your YouTube page. Example:  Once created, you cannot change your YouTube username.

The YouTube profile Image should be 250 x 250 pixels.  



Copyright Concerns:

Did someone use your material in their video? YouTube users can file a trademark complaint, but they prefer users resolve disputes directly. For more information on copyright, visit the YouTube Copyright Center.

How Do I Delete Comments From My YouTube Channel?

YouTube’s default settings allow users to publicly comment on your videos on the Discussion tab. If you allow public comments without approval, make sure to review comments and remove any inappropriate comments. More information about comment settings can be found here.