Etiquette & Awareness

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Etiquette & Awareness

Keep the social in social media. Encourage a sense of community by interacting with your audience and engage them through your social networks. Create conversation by inviting comments and asking interesting questions, posting unique photos, and delivering quality stories.

  1. Share useful information and links.
  2. Follow back, especially your fans and interesting people within your field or relevancy.
  3. Blog often. The more original content you create, the more often your readers will interact.
  4. Participate in networking events both online and offline.  Appearing offline can help you connect with people and prove you’re not a robot, but someone that connects with his or her audience.
  5. Don’t judge or condemn other people. Be respectful, accepting feedback and criticism with respect.
  6. Interact with your audience. Create a conversation.  Ask questions. Be engaging!
  7. Blogging or tweeting as a professional or  for UNH? Don’t let personal opinions get in the way. Be professional and let your fans comment or help steer the conversation.
  8. Share photos, videos, and links to relevant stories in the news, along with original content. It makes your department or organization more rounded and can help build an audience.
  9. When tweeting, use a #hashtag about your topic and when appropriate, incorporate the @twitterhandle of the person you’re tweeting about. This will provide better amplification of your message and alert fellow ‘tweeps’ that you’re talking about them.

Monitoring Feedback and Comments

When creating a social media account, or enabling comments, be prepared to devote resources to listen and monitor to feedback on each social media account. It’s important to monitor and delete, or hide feedback that violates the terms of service of the platform. This can include outside interests (SPAM, trolls) trying to drive traffic to their own website. It’s also important that you embrace an open communications policy, allowing followers of your social media accounts to express their opinions.