Best Practices

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Think about messages, your audience, goals and the strategy for keeping your information organized. Some audiences may be on one social media network, but not another. Social media can be very time-consuming and maintaining more than one social network is difficult. Create a content calendar, or use Hootsuite, TweetDeck, or another social media management tool to organize posts so you always remember to post or schedule new content.


Once your social media network is established, add some content. When you launch and are ready to share, announce the new social channel via traditional channels like email, newsletters, and the department’s website.


Social media is all about communication and engagement. People visit websites and blogs for news and information, but social media is about interacting with your audience. Respond to comments; ask questions, share appropriate (stay on subject) photos and links. Engaging with your followers will make your site more valued. Please keep in mind that you are representing the University of New Hampshire. 


Social media platforms are full of comments. Observe quite regularly and reply when appropriate because it demonstrates to your audience that you’re listening. Depending on the social network, you can change settings to approve comments before they appear. Check settings of each social network.

Make Time. 

Don’t start a social media campaign unless you have dedicated time and resources to create and maintain new content regularly. New content is critical to thrive in every social media community.

Measure Success. 

Use Google Analytics, it’s free and it can help you calculate the activity on your social media networks. Facebook has built-in analytics called insights. Twitter and YouTube also provide their own analytic tools. So does Instagram. Google Analytics can be used with any website, any blog, at anytime. 

Stay Connected. 

Help keep #UNHSocial updated and connected. If you’re using social media, fill out this form, which we’ll review and then add your social media channel(s) to the UNH social media directory.

Terms and Conditions

If your school, college, or department uses social media, #UNHSocial recommends following the terms of service and conditions of each platform. Learn about the terms and conditions of the major social media platforms by visiting links below.


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*These guidelines are designed to help UNH staff create and contribute to University-related social media and to do so in a respectful, professional, and relevant way that protects the university’s reputation and mission. We recognize the value of social media and encourage participation by UNH units as long as it falls within their communication needs and goals.