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UNH Trash 2 Treasure (T2T) is a student-run social enterprise with the mission of assisting students, UNH and the local community in reducing waste. T2T’s main initiative is to run the move-out collection and yard sale program, reducing unnecessary discarded items from entering landfills. Consequently, T2T significantly reduces trash removal costs for the University and provides families back-to-school savings at move-in weekend yard sales. The success of this social enterprise is achieved through strong student leadership and passionate, active volunteers who want to promote sustainability.

Do you want experience running a real risk and reward business? UNH's own Trash 2 Treasure is now a Student-Run Enterprise, through the Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise, that can give you the chance to do just that!



Trash 2 Treasure collects massive quantities of furniture and dorm  items from students at the end of each school year to recycle or resell  them at discounted prices the following Fall. Since its inception, T2T  has saved students over half a million dollars in back-to-school  expenses and diverted over 174 tons of waste from entering landfills.

 We encourage all motivated students to consider joining our unique  student-led team. With T2T, you will participate in the planning and  implementation of our crowd-sourced collections and university-wide  tag sale that generates over $20,000 in annual revenues. This exciting  and invaluable opportunity can provide you with hands-on experience in the social enterprise sector. Taking part in the management,  marketing, and innovation of T2T's operations provides you the chance to apply your studies (from all disciplines) in a real-world scenario and have discretionary authority rarely found in student-run organizations.



Fall Semester Applications Available!

The application process for T2T's Executive Positions will be available in the Fall semester. While students from all disciplines are encouraged to apply, the marks of a strong candidate will be an interest in sustainable systems, business competence, and volunteer experience with T2T.

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If you are interested in becoming involved with T2T in a leadership capacity, volunteering is a crucial first step. T2T is currently preparing for the Fall Sale and needs volunteers to help out.  Sign up to volunteer now!

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