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Get involved on campus - Promote sustainability - Gain real-world business experience
Ready to join the Zero-Waste movement? 

Keeping the health and safety of our student volunteers and campus community in mind, we have decided to temporarily suspend the T2T program until Spring 2021. We look forward to working with you next year! If you have any questions please refer to the UNH Housing FAQ webpage.

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UNH Trash 2 Treasure (T2T) is a student-run social enterprise with the mission of assisting students, UNH and the local community in reducing waste. T2T’s main initiative is to run the move-out collection and yard sale program, reducing unnecessary discarded items from entering landfills. Consequently, T2T significantly reduces trash removal costs for the University and provides families back-to-school savings at move-in weekend yard sales. The success of this social enterprise is achieved through strong student leadership and passionate, active volunteers who want to promote sustainability.


Trash 2 Treasure collects massive quantities of furniture and dorm  items from students at the end of each school year to recycle or resell  them at discounted prices the following Fall. Since its inception, T2T  has saved students over half a million dollars in back-to-school  expenses and diverted over 174 tons of waste from entering landfills. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I donate to T2T?
Our official collection period is in May from the first day of Finals to the day after Commencement. In 2020 - that is Wednesday May 6th until Sunday May 17th. Outside of that time, we do not have vehicles or volunteers available for collections.

  • For ON-CAMPUS donations: Every residence hall and UNH-owned housing complex has a drop-off location in the lobby or nearby lounge. You will see signs and donation bins. If you cannot locate the drop-off location, ask your RA or Hall Director for assistance. We empty each location at least once daily during our collection period.

  • For OFF-CAMPUS donations:

    • Bring it to us! If you can transport your items to Durham on your own we really appreciate your support and this gives us more time to collect from other locations that can’t arrange their own transportation. Please drop all items in the Kiosk outside of Adams Tower West: 21 Strafford Ave, Durham, NH 03824. We empty this location at least once daily during our collection period.

    • Arrange a Pick-Up: Pick-ups are available upon request during collections. We are only able to bring our truck to Durham, Dover and Newmarket. If you are interested in scheduling an off campus pick up, please fill out this form (Off campus pick up 2020)


2. What can I donate?
We accept pretty much everything that can be re-sold at the T2T Yard Sale. We also recycle old textiles and broken electronics, and donate all food and toiletries to local shelters.

  • Popular donations:

    • Furniture

    • Rugs

    • Electronics small and large

    • Clothing

    • Dishware

    • Decorations and Mirrors

    • School Supplies and Books

  • We DO NOT accept:

    • Mattresses

    • Heavily damaged items

    • Opened or unsealed foods

    • Hazardous Wastes


3. I work at UNH and we have office furniture we’d like to donate. Can we do that?

Unfortunately T2T cannot collect from offices until the University-owned material has gone through USNH’s Surplus Property System. Please visit this link to learn more.


4. Where can I donate items when you are not holding collections?

  • Do you live in UNH-owned Housing?

    • Contact your RA or Hall Director. They can help!

  • Do you live OFF-CAMPUS?

    • Thanks for asking! If you live in Durham, we love to support the ECHO Thrift Shop a volunteer thrift shop in Durham, and Friends in Action, a nonprofit that creates inclusive social and recreational opportunities for people with developmental disabilities.

    • If ECHO cannot take your items, we strong support Goodwill. Goodwill has supported T2T for many years by donating bins for collections and also working with us to properly dispose of hard-to-recycle materials . There are Goodwill locations in Portsmouth NH and Somersworth NH.

      • Furniture, if in really good condition, can go to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Newington, NH.

      • Unfortunately, mattresses of all types and broken furniture needs to be discarded through your town dump.


5. How do I volunteer? - Sign up HERE!

Thanks! Volunteers get to experience the “behind-the-scenes” of this program (and get first dibs on all the cool stuff we find!). 

As you get more involved, you’re welcome to apply for leadership roles to learn how to manage the budget, coordinate the logistics, or rally the volunteers to make this project a success! We can’t do this program without the hundreds of dedicated volunteers who make it possible. Thank you!​

All volunteers interested in helping with collections in May, sorting items in the summer, setting up and running the yard sale in August, and/or being a part of the Core Leadership Team can sign up here! We will be in touch!


6. When and Where is the Yard Sale?

The 10th Annual T2T Yard Sale will take place at the Indoor Track in the Field House on Friday August 28th to Saturday August 29th from 9am to 5pm.

The sale officially opens for free to the public at 10am on Friday, and can be accessed at 9am by paying the early bird entrance fee of $5 from 9am to 10am.

**Please note there will be no sale on Sunday this year


7. Can I Buy Something Before the Sale?

No. We are only allowed to sell items at the yard sale. Please come to the sale!


8. What is the Early Bird Special?

Want to guarantee first pick of our best items? For just $5, you can get into the sale before the doors open to the general public. Early bird special is from 9am to 10am on Friday August 28rd.


9. Can I Negotiate at the Sale?

No. Prices are non-negotiable. Our prices are already way below market price and we simply don’t have the volunteer capacity to negotiate on prices.


10. Do You Accept Returns?

No. All sales are final. Please carefully inspect all items before purchase. While we test all electronics over the summer, we cannot guarantee their durability. Please test them yourself at our plug-in stations at the sale before you leave.


11. Where Do I Park?

Unfortunately parking on campus during move-in weekend is EXTREMELY limited. This sale is intended primarily for UNH students, parents, and community members. Please carefully inspect this parking guide from the UNH Police as all normal campus parking rules change during this specific weekend.


12. How Do I Pick Up an Item I bought?

For large purchases, we can set them aside for you and mark them as sold for pick-up. We will take down your contact info and show you how to access our loading dock behind the UNH Dairy Bar. We encourage you to come to our loading dock after traffic dies down on campus.


13. Do you Deliver?

Yes we do, for an additional fee. We only deliver large items like furniture and large electronics - we will not deliver small items. 

For $10 we can deliver to students in residence halls, $15 to other locations in Durham, and for $25 we can deliver to Newmarket or Dover. We will take down your contact information and will give you a ballpark estimate when we can arrive. We will call you when the truck goes out with your item on it. We cannot enter residence areas and private units, so we will call you to come meet our truck and you will have to load your item into your unit yourself or with friends. If you are not there, we will notify you as best as we can that your item may be outside or in the lobby of your unit.


14. Can You Help Me Bring This Program to My Campus?

Yes! We strongly encourage you to reach out to PLAN - the Post-Landfill Action Network. They are a small non-profit with a staff of mostly recent graduates who are there to support students and staff with making this project happen on your campus. We have benefited tremendously over the years from their advice and expertise. They have a program guide to help you through the steps, as well as student leader trainings, workshops, toolkits and much more. Check out all they have to offer here!

Meet Our Team

marinaMarina Vaz
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Position: Cordinator
Marina is a sophomore Political Science and International Affairs dual major and German minor. She joined T2T to help UNH implement more sustainable practices and inspire our community to do the same. She is also involved in Model UN and Socratic Society.


SydneySydney Whittum
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Position: Co-Coordinator
Sydney is a sophomore Design and Sustainability major. She joined T2T to help educate our community about sustainable practices and promote a zero-waste movement on campus.



BeanBean H. Hiser
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Position: Marketing/Design Team Lead
Bean is a junior Zoology major. She has a passion for the care of the earth with the goal of eventual redemption or at least reduction of the toxicity that humans have caused. She joined T2T with hopes of inspiring others to live a more sustainable, reusable lifestyle.


ElianeEliane Driscoll
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Position: Peace and Justice Team Lead
Eliane is a freshman Environmental Conservation and Sustainability major and a member of Sigma Alpha. She joined T2T to take action in the movement to bring awareness to the value of integrating sustainable practices into the community and an individual’s lifestyle.


AlexAlex Heye
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Position: Finance Team Lead (Bread Getter)
Alex is a sophomore Accounting major. He joined T2T because he wants to play my part in promoting zero waste; he also loves saving money by being thrifty.



Marisa Labadini
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Position: Volunteer Team Lead
Marisa is a sophomore Business Administration major with an option in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. Building character and saving the planet one dumpster dive at a time has been enjoyable for Marisa!


BrennaBrenna Heinley
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Position: Logistics Team Lead
Brenna is a junior Civil Engineering major. She joined T2T to help make sustainable lifestyles accessible for all sorts of people, college students included! By being a part of T2T, she has been able to give back to the community by encouraging the reuse and repurposing of items, while having fun doing it!


MaxMax Schoenfeld
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Position: General Member
Max is a sophomore Anthropology and Sustainability dual major. He holds leadership positions in the New Hampshire Outing Club, Net Impact, and the Upper Quad Hall Council. He loves enjoying the great outdoors; he joined T2T to help inspire environmental consciousness in the UNH community and beyond.


HannahHannah Cloutier
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Position: General Member
Hannah is a freshman Business Undeclared major. Coming from high school, she felt the need to get more involved within the community and the T2T Annual Fall Yard Sale caught her attention, which then sparked an interest to reach out and be a part of T2T.


GarrisonGarrison Gazvoda
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Position: General Member
Garrison is a freshman Finance major. He has a strong interest in environmental engineering and protection. He joined T2T to have an impact on the community and help promote a zero-waste environment.


JoeyJoey Neleber
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Position: General Member
Joey is a freshman undeclared Engineering major. Feeling overwhelmed about coming to college and not knowing anyone, he looked into groups that offered move in early and felt a connection with T2T and it's purpose of reducing the campus's carbon footprint, all while meeting a ton of amazing people along the way who really care about the future of the planet.

JennahJennah Landgraf
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Position: General Member
Jennah is a freshman Environmental Engineering major. She joined T2T to take part in the sustainability conversation and to help enact environmentally conscious change on campus. T2T's message of sustainability and advocating for zero-waste resonated with Jennah, and she is extremely grateful to be part of such a wholesome, environmentally conscious group on campus.