Additional Resources

Resources to Help Guide the Creation of Your Video Entry

For All Competitors

Check out this Library Guide for SVIC Contestants.  This is a great resources for contestants to do background data gathering and to define and document the nature, scope, causes, and consequences of the environmental/social problem they are aiming to help solve.  These resources will also help contestant research other existing solutions to these problems.

Although the services of the Parker Media Lab at UNH (PML) are available only to UNH students, they have a number of web-based resources to help any competitor in the Social Venture Innovation Challenge with your video submission. In particular, we recommend the “Forms & Guides” section of the Media & Collaboration Services website:

  • Video Making Process Tips
    • Click HERE to view archived streaming video from the Video Production Workshop offered to SVIC contestants by UNH’s Parker Media Lab on 11/04/14. 
      • Please note: Since the date of this recording, responsibility for circulating Parker Media Lab equipment has changed. You must have an active UNH account (ITID) in order to check out equipment.
  • Free Resources
  • Survival Guide
  • What are Intellectual Assets

For UNH students only: 

For registered UNH students, the Parker Media Lab (PML) supports students and faculty in production of rich media. Staff of the PML have the expertise to guide you through the project and the PML also provides you with all the guides and equipment to help you plan, shoot and edit your media assignment.

Find out more online at or stop in.

Examples of Selected Successful Social Ventures for Inspiration

With sincere thanks to Hummingbird Pictures LLC and Holly Mosher, Director and Producer, Bonsai People.

Need inspiration? 

View Muhammad Yunus' Keynote Address to UNH at the New Hampshire Social Business and Microfinance Forum and the Social Business Innovation Challenge, now the Social Venute Innovation Challenge, on 9/30/13

View archived streaming video from the Pathway to the Challenge event with Gary Hirshberg and Sally Sampson on 10/28/14

View Gary Hirshberg, Founder and Chairman of Stonyfield Farm, and 2015 Social Innovator of the Year deliver the keynote address, “Inventing the Future: How Social Entrepreneurship Can (and Will) Save Our World!”  11/20/15

View Joe Keefe, President and CEO of Pax World Management LLC, and 2016 Social Innovator of the Year, in a signature dialogue with Paul College Dean, Deborah Merrill-Sands on “The Role of the Financial Markets in Achieving Gender Equality and Economic Growth”.  12/1/16