Student Engagement

Imag eof Student Fellow working in field
UNH students are playing a vital role in the Social Sector Franchising Initiative, including opportunities to work as Student Research Fellows, and opportunities for teams of UNH students to contribute to the work of our partners in social sector franchising through international service trips. We offer opportunities for students from across UNH colleges and disciplines including business and economics, health and human services, liberal arts, engineering, and agriculture to participate in a range of activities. 

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 “The opportunities I’ve been granted through CSIE’s Social Sector Franchise Initiative are, quite frankly, nearly unbelievable. From attending the SSFI Roundtable—and being able to witness some of the world’s greatest minds collaborate and brainstorm practical solutions for growing social franchises; to my Research Fellowship—which took me on an amazing trip halfway around the world to Rwanda in January, and has given me the opportunity to potentially co-author a published case study. My involvement with SSFI has opened up not only my eyes to parts of the world I’d never dreamed of seeing, but also my personal and professional opportunities, from the experiences I’ve gained and the contacts I’ve made along the way.”  
–Ilona Drew, 2017 SSFI Student Research Fellow, UNH Grad School, Master’s in Public Policy